If you are like many of us, you feel, a degree of discomfort and uneasiness, created by the behavior, actions, focus, direction, targeted, and rhetoric of the current national administration, of the United States! It seems like, we constantly, are witnessing, many controversies, which we haven't observed, in the years, past! Perhaps, what, even, makes, things, more upsetting, and challenging, is, how, the President responds, whenever others challenge him, or, even, disagree! There seems to be a pattern, constantly used (and some, might say, abused), by President Donald Trump, under these circumstances. This process, appears to be, using 5 stages of rhetoric, in what seems like, an attempt to, either, mislead, or confuse, the rest of us. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, Trump's so – called, playbook , and his 5 stages, for responding to controversies, and challenges.

1. Deny: Many lawyers, joke, their basic advice, in – general, is, to deny, deny, and deny! No one has ever done this, as consistently, as the present occupant of the White House! Although, his distractors , often, feel, his denials are far from genuine, he maintains more ardent, core supporters, than nearly any politicians, in recent memory. Part of this approach, includes, diverting our attention, by, generally, accusing, blaming and complaining, about, his accusers, and referring to any bad news, as fake – news, and, articulating a message, where he places the burden on others, such as the media, political opponents, etc.

2. Admit, but claim, nothing improper: When he believes, denying isn't working, he moves to Stage 2, which is admitting, part of the accusation, but re – framing it, by claiming, there was nothing improper, and / or illegal, and a President has every right, to do so!

3. Divide components of the accusation: Since, often, there may be several components, including the action taken, and some related, other offense, such as funding, personal financial gain, etc, this part, attempts to, create an impression, his opponents are making a big deal, over nothing, and they (opponents) are the cause of the issue!

4. Admit what he previously denied: If one plays – back, the original denial, and puts it, side – by – side, with this stage of the overall behavior, and looks at it, with an objective – eye , we may become dizzy, by the intended confusion! He articulates a message, which now affirms, some part of the originally, denied, accusation, and attempts to, re – position it, in a way, which appeals, to his core supporters!

5. Defend, and accuse: Only, when he feels, he is cornered, does this President, comply, with the rules, regulations, and laws, of the nation! Recently, when the Speaker of the House, stated, she would have Congress, begin an impeachment investigation / inquiry, he appeared to proceed, with greater cooperation! However, Trump, portrayed the actions, by proclaiming, he did nothing wrong, and it was a conspiracy against him!

Although, I believe, these actions and behaviors, are wrong, and not in our nation's best interests, it seems, the final evaluation will be made by the voters, in November, 2020. They will be the final jury, which decides and determines , whether, his playbook, is a successful one!

Source by Richard Brody

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