As of September 2016, an update happened to the emerald lantern.
Now have to fill the lantern with oil first before you’re able to use the lantern lens on the bullseye lantern.
To fill it with oil:
– buy one that is already filled with oil from the ge
– take the empty lantern to rimmington with a swamp tar. Use the swamp tar on the oil spill and then use your lantern on it to fill it up.

Item list:
– tinderbox, pestle and mortar, dramen staffs, 404gp, hammer, spade
– Any pickaxe and a good axe, guam leaf and marrentil

– Food, armor and weapon to kill a minimum of 4 of cb111 suqahs.
– Combat spells to kill the boss in a dream world. You must wear full lunars, including the staff inside so no elemental staffs.
– Some food to heal from 1 damaging agility test: summer pies
– Weight reducing armor, 3 stamina potions
– 3 empty inventory spaces

– Access to the 4 elemental rc altars
—Air: crafting guild or Falador teleport with an air talisman or tiara OR via the abyss
— Fire: duel ring with fire talisman or tiara
— Water: Draynor teleport with water talisman or tiara OR via the abyss
—Earth: lumberyard or Varrock teleport with earth talisman or tiara OR via the abyss
– 2 rellekka (house in rimmington/redirection)


Runescape quest guide walkthrough with live commentary in the Oldschool servers 07scape / 2007 rs


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