Have you ever wondered why, so many politicians, on either side of the spectrum, appear to proceed, blindly (or with blinders – on), either because of their perspective, political perspective, and / or, self – interest, rather than for the common good, and public interests? Rather it is someone, on the so – called, left, who proposes, pie – in-the – sky, non – affordable ideas / programs, or one on the so – called, left, who merely asks, What's in it for me , only really caring, when they personally benefit, and attempting to selectively, pick – and – choose, which freedoms and liberties, to defend, while ignoring those, which might conflict with their perspective / desire, which often threatens the sustainability, of our nation, and firmly commits, to certain Amendments, while avoiding others! With that in mind, let's briefly, attempt to, examine, consider, and review, some of these circumstances.

1. Which Amendment is more important, the 1st, or 2nd ?: because of some effective marketing, by certain lobbying groups, etc, many have become convinced, it is the absolute right to own a gun. They often point to the section in the 2nd Amendment, which refers to, The right to bear arms, and claim, any sort of gun control, is against their rights. However, historical and Constitutional scholars, have stated, this refers to a state's right, to have a militia, especially, when one considers, that, at that time, there was a clear threat, to what is now called, the East Coast of the US, from attack by foreign powers. It's also important to remember, guns, at that time, were not semi – automatic, or automatic, but single – load, mullet – style, which generally required nearly a minute to reload. Can't we logically, control guns, and who owns them, in a sane way, where guns are registered (like cars, etc), and controlled, and mental illnesses, etc, would restrict who can own a gun. When Hillary Clinton, ran, against Donald Trump, in 2016, he portrayed her, in such a way, where he claimed, she was going to take your guns away. However, isn't interesting, President Trump, and the most ardent 2nd Amendment believer, appear not care, about the freedoms of speech, Press, etc, guaranteed by the 1st?

2. Selectivity: You can't pick – and – choose, which freedoms, and liberties, you'll defend! Unfortunately, many do exactly this!

3. Ramifications: This President has openly, dismissed the need, to protect the environment, fought to remove regulations, and often, pays little attention to his actions, rhetoric, and their ramifications and impacts. When will our elected officials realize, effective representation, must be focused on doing the right thing?

We are living in challenging times, where the potential ramifications, in many areas, threaten the future needs of the nation, and future generations! Wake up, America, and think about the bigger – picture, and demand your leaders represent and serve you, not merely in a populist way, but, rather in a relevant, sustainable, responsible manner!

Source by Richard Brody

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