Princess Diana of Wales was, arguably, the iconic female figure of the late 20th Century. The most famous and most photographed woman in the world, her legacy lingers, not simply as the People’s Princess and Queen of Hearts, but as the mother of England’s future through her sons, William and Harry. This poem is a tribute to that legacy.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

what can we learn

from the rise and fall

of a tear-laden princess

of the royal arts,

who traded her crown

for a Queen of Hearts?

A tender child of tender years

whose need for love had turned to tears

in the wake of her parent’s failing joy,

lamenting a girl and wishing a boy.

Such was the omen.

Frightful start – beginning life

with a wounded heart;

tender passions torn and worn;

unfaithful mother; bitter scorn;

endless nights of endless fears;

little brother’s sea of tears –

crying, weeping, no mummy home;

big sister’s cross – to walk alone.

The flower blossomed,

sweet youth in Spring;

betrothed a prince

who would be king.

The marriage bargain –

fairy tale dream

for a tarnished crown

and a faithless ring.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

what can we learn

from the rise and fall

of a Princess hounded by a press,

void of manners and relentless;

stalking, never caring, forever blind

to the human need

for some peace of mind;

for a little space; for a little breath?–

shameful, sinful, flashbulb death.

Mirror, mirror, in the sky,

faithful lovers question why;

young and lovely; future bright;

stolen dreams; fateful night.

Why such a Princess loved by all

should reap the Whirlwind

and the Fall?

Mirror, mirror, in the night,

reflect a star whose beacon light

shone ’round the world

to hush a cry;

now shines forever

in a royal sky.

Source by Richard Andrew King

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