When you have problems weighing down on you, take time to address the issue. Many stay too busy to cope with problems as they arise and sweep them under the carpet to deal with later. Unfortunately, what usually happens is that problems accumulate and are not dealt with until faced with a chaotic moment, forcing one to make choices while in the midst of a crisis.

Here is an example of how one unresolved issue exacerbates another. Someone says something to you that feels unkind. Instead of telling the person that what they said makes you angry, you hold the emotion inside. The next time you meet at a party, you still harbor anger towards that person because you have not resolved the original issue. At the party, you try to avoid this person, but while you are talking to a friend, this person joins your conversation. Feeling justified in your anger, you ignore this person, make rude comments or walk away. This person may have no clue as to why you are acting in such a manner.

Whether or not the other person intentionally was rude to you initially, you have now created a wall between the two of you. This wall is comprised of negative thought forms that you hold towards the other person. Each time you avoid or encounter each other with hostility, the wall gets thicker.

Negative energy sticks together like glue. According to the law of attraction, like attracts like, anger begets anger. As you repeat the same thoughts with passion, you are creating layer upon layer of negative thought forms. Eventually, these thought forms manifest into physical dis-ease. If you say things such as, "He makes me sick to my stomach!" There is a good likelihood that you will develop stomach ailments. If you feel the person stabbed you in the back, you are likely to develop back problems. If you feel the person broke your heart. . . well, you get the idea.

This is why it is imperative to solve problems as they arise. The longer you think about and energize anything, the more likely it will manifest into physical form. Not resolving issues when they arise can become habitual. If you hold a grudge towards one person, it is likely you will do the same towards others.

How much better it is to communicate feelings in the present moment. Many friendships have been broken over misunderstandings. There have been scores of generational family feuds because the initial parties refused to resolve issues when they first arose, neither taking responsibility for their own actions. Wars are fought between nations, often over trivial matters and cultural misunderstandings.

Millions suffer death, dismemberment and homelessness because government officials have failed to respect each other and the people they represent. Peace on earth can occur the instant every person begins to respect each other. You can be a part of creating this reality by speaking your truth and resolving each issue as it arises.

Source by Theresa Crabtree

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