Last month my husband and I went to Hawaii for a much needed vacation. Before arriving at our final destination we disembarked from one flight and were taken by shuttle to the other side of the airport. There we were to catch our final flight to another island and our awaiting vacation destination.

While on the shuttle our driver greeted us with a Hawaiian phrase, promptly followed by its interpretation. He said that the phrase meant, "Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow." Everyone on the shuttle laughed but it really made me think about human nature. We are often caught in the habit of procrastination! Many put tasks and responsibilities off till tomorrow or even a later date! Great achievers in the business world rarely do so!

A study of the greatest entrepreneurs in history will reveal a passion for productivity, achievement, progress, and optimum work ethics! Henry Ford once said, "It's been my observation that most successful people get ahead, during the time that other people waste."

Four ways to avoid procrastination

There are four things we can do to avoid the debilitating habit of procrastination! Being free of procrastination will release us to progress further, and faster in business! Here are the four things:

1. Remain Passionate
2. Live your dreams
3. Keep learning
4. Just do something

Remain Passionate!

Donald J. Trump asserts, in his book "Trump University Wealth Building 101" the importance of passion in business. He states, "Passion sounds out of place in business, but it's at the top of my list. I know for a fact-and from my own experience-that it's absolutely critical to achieving any kind of long-lasting success."

Passion is a powerful driving force! It wakes us early, keeps us up late, drives us to pursue our cause, and destroys any lasting residue of procrastination in our lives. When we are passionate about our objective, we have greater initiative, clearer perspective, stronger resolve and more clearly defined boundaries to remain diligent and consistent!

Passion overcomes drowsiness, boredom, fatigue, frustration, insecurity and a number of other root causes of procrastination! When we remain topped up with the fuel of passion our motor is supercharged with power and motivation!

So how do we ensure that we remain passionate?

Live your dreams!

One powerful source of passion is the pursuit of our primary purpose! Best Selling author, Dr. Myles Munroe, in his book "In Pursuit of Purpose" suggests that the pursuit of your purpose and dreams is a powerful motivator, sharing, "No amount of accomplishments can replace the power and the motivation of finding your own special niche and working toward your dreams. "

Dreams are the life breath of the human soul. Where there are no dreams there is very little inspiration, insight, hope, passion, initiative or influence! Every person on this planet has a purpose! Each dream is a door to discovering our true purpose and greatness! When we discover our specific niche and operate in it, we achieve more with less effort! Life, work, business and increase, therefore, come more readily!

Living our dreams can be likened to a baseball "slugger" hitting a ball on the "sweet spot" on a bat! The ball will go out of the park every time! When we live our dreams, everything goes to a greater level! Nothing is more motivating than knowing that everything we put our hands to will turn to gold!

How do we live our dreams?

Keep learning!

Well known investor, entrepreneur, and educator, Robert T. Kiyosaki has often been known to say, "The future will be very bright for those who prepare today …"

Many businesses have succumbed to the burdens caused by a downturn in the economy! External influences, such as economic downturns, don't have to stifle growth. The solution resides within the hearts of business owners! Education is the key to unlocking the resource of creativity and potential in us, leading to opportunities for gaining wealth!

In Donald J. Trump's preface to his book "Trump University Wealth Building 101" Mr. Trump shares, "Early in my career, it became clear to me that education gives you a big edge in business … People who are more educated … have the advantage."

I have watched many wage earners in dead-end jobs become ambitious and productive business owners after discovering one simple key through education! At the core of every human is a reservoir of dreams, purpose and true potential. Knowledge and understanding help to dig paths of discovery to the wealth of potential which lay buried in our hearts! As we discover "nuggets" of potential and apply them with understanding to a business venture, we excel in our gifts and become more valuable to others.

As each gifted musician, acclaimed artist, or skilled surgeon has seen, potential remains dormant until it is discovered and cultivated through a carefully planned learning process! You are an answer to something needed in society! Your business is a platform for serving your potential solutions to the world! Education is the means by which we cultivate and activate our potential.

Scott Anderson, in his book "Think Like A Billionaire" (Winword publishing house, p.69) asks pointed questions related to preparation for opportunities. He questions readers, "What are you preparing for in your life? Are you prepared? How much time did you spend last week getting ready for the next opportunity that will come along in your life? The average person does not read a motivational or teaching book in a year. How many books have you read this year? When was the last time you bought a book, read it, took notes and studied it? Our society expects to be spoon fed from television and media instead of stepping into a bookstore or library to learn and gain the understanding needed for the next opportunity. "

Each dream we unearth and cultivate for application within our businesses will produce a seed for future success! Each seed will produce an answer for a specific need in our society! When we discover our potential and prepare to release the solution, our businesses will grow and flourish!

The excitement of running a flourishing business helps to destroy much of our procrastination!

It is clear that education is essential for success in life and business, but what is the next step?

Just do something!

There are two questions you should ask yourself to reveal your attitude towards productivity:

1. Where am I regularly procrastinating?
2. What did I put off till tomorrow?

If you make a decision "today" to start doing the things that should be done "today," I guarantee you will have incredible results in your business and in your finances.

Why not try out a new motto this month, "Why do tomorrow what you can do today!" I believe that this motto will launch you into greater progress and increase in the next thirty days.

Source by Dr Carmen Lynne

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