Whether one is a supporter, or opposes, President Donald J. Trump, everyone must agree, we have never, in recent memory, experienced, anyone, who has conducted himself, as he has! While he maintains the strong support of his core supporters and followers, largely because, they have bought – into his rhetorical, vision, and are motivated, and agree with his rhetoric, and vitriol, many others, feel considerably, uneasy, because of the potential ramifications, of some of his actions, and words. Mr. Trump's closest supporters claim he focuses on broad – strokes, rather than, getting involved in the details, and while, President's should not micro – manage, many believe, his lack of attention, to the details of leading a nation, are potentially dangerous, and frightening. This article will attempt to briefly review, consider, identify, and discuss, 5 cases and / or instances.

1. International relations / respect: Because this President, so often, appears to be changing his message, and relies, so heavily on rhetoric, vitriol, and name – calling, it appears, many are confused by his actions, and intentions! The world has, generally, sought calm, focused, consistent leaders, and Trump, to this point, has not generated that perception, and / or image. Calling leaders by negative labels, and resorting to name – calling, rarely garners the respect of others, or drives a cooperative spirit!

2. Race / ethnic relations: Trump's reliance on ethnic generalities, especially towards Mexicans, Hispanics, and Muslims, has created distrust, suspicion, and a level of negativity, we haven't previously witnessed! While there are certainly many Americas, who, unfortunately, share his biases and prejudice, it is not, what many others, consider the American Way. From his comments regarding his Wall, to the comments about the Mexican judge, to the descriptions, he's reportedly expressed, regarding certain African and Caribbean, poorer nations, we have never experienced this behavior, from someone in his position, in recent memory!

3. Freedoms challenged: Mr. Trump has spoken out, against the media, and press, especially those who've challenged him, in any way. His reference to Fake News, to anything which does not agree, challenges, our concept of freedom, of the press! He has challenged the rights of individuals to articulate any contrary or oppositional message, complaining when others, don't automatically applaud, and / or disagree! Some may be entertained, or, even enjoy his rhetoric, and vitriol, but it does not drive our democracy, forward!

4. Budgets / deficits: Before he was elected, Mr. Trump claimed he could eliminate, both, current deficits, as well as cumulative ones! His support for a tax reform plan, which will add trillions to the deficit, as well as his recently proposed budget, pays no attention to these, while appearing oppositional to safety – net, items, which makes many fearful, and nervous!

5. Environmental / sustainability: While the rest of the world, appears, to realize the needs, and has begun to focus on environmental concerns, President Trump, has often articulated, a message of denial of Climate Change! Appointing Scott Pruitt, as the Secretary of DEP, has clearly indicated, he, either does not feel attention is needed, or does care about protecting the sustainability of our planet, and protecting clean air, and water, as well as neglecting the future needs of generations!

Obviously, I am not a supporter of this President, but, for the common good, would hope, he achieved, for the best interests of the nation, and the planet! However, anyone who fails to consider and address ramifications, is not behaving in a responsible manner, which we need, and deserve!

Source by Richard Brody

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