Few objective would would deny, for better of worse, we have never, in recent memory, observed any President, behave, like our present occupant of that office. Donald Trump has spent his public career, in a way, which consistently brought attention, to himself, either by his actions, or rhetoric. Few would deny, he is a master of self – promotion, and while, that, probably, personally benefited him, it is questionable, whether, it will be in the best interest of this country, or many of its citizens. Mr. Trump's behavior, rhetoric, and actions, have certain impacts, and whether intentional, or not, will probably have significant ramifications. Therefore, this article will briefly examine and review, 6 examples, and some possibilities, and / or probabilities.

1. Environmental / climate change: Trump has often articulated a message, which seems to be, he doubts the reality of climate change, and any potential dangers. During this recent, record, cold – spell, his message, focused on calling it warming, seeming to misunderstand, people impact the future. He appointed Scott Pruitt, as Secretary, of the Department of Environmental Protection, who has spent much of his career, fighting previous environmental, protective measures. Loosening up, waste – dumping, promoting development in, previously protected lands, and encouraging energy exploration, in the waters, closest to our nation, puts the future of our nation, in terms of clean air, and water, in doubt!

2. Judicial appointments: Depending on one's political views and appointments, any President's judicial appointments, significantly, affects the future! We need open – minded judges, who are both properly prepared, and truly qualified.

3. Race / ethnic relations: Trump's rhetoric and vitriol, has expanded the ethnic and racial divide, to a level, we have not witnessed, in more than half a century! When the holder of the highest office in our land, seems to articulate a message, contrary, to the concept, of, All men are created equal , does that promote the American dream, etc?

4. Enabling hate groups: The President's message, calling, any, White Supremacists, and Neo – Nazis, Good people , and equating peaceful protestors, to those espousing messages, of hatred and bigotry, has been adopted by many of his core supporters. Doesn't this send the message, which enables haters, to believe, it's good and proper behavior, and feelings?

5. Middle East: The relationships in the Middle East, date many generations and centuries, and developing any type of meeting – of – the – minds, is, at best, extremely challenging. Many Presidents have attempted to assist the process, and only Jimmy Carter, approximately 40 years ago, had any success. Logically, since, at least 4 different religions, claim Jerusalem, as essential, to their religious beliefs and core, does it seem, somewhat obvious. if you hope to create some opportunity for peaceful resolution, you can't begin, in a confrontational manner? Why would any Muslims trust any efforts, from a man, who has consistently used, the vitriol and rhetoric, he has?

6. North Korea: Issues and conflicts, with North Korea, have gone on, as long as, nearly every living American has been alive! However, how can anyone feel safer, more secure, and closer to a peaceful resolution, when Mr. Trump has seemingly taunted, the rather, volatile, North Korean leader, consistently?

Whether you support or oppose him, it's important to realize and recognize, there are ramifications, to his actions, rhetoric, and behavior! These 6, are some of the examples.

Source by Richard Brody

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