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Dubspot is proud to present Reclaiming the Remix w/ Maschine–a new video series in which Dubspot instructor Shareef Islam invites noted producers and remixers to revisit some of their classic productions using Native Instruments’ Maschine and create custom setups for performance in a live setting.

In the first installment of Reclaiming the Remix, Rsonist (of New York-based hip hop production duo The Heatmakerz, renowned for their work with Harlem’s Diplomats and Juelz Santana) drops by Dubspot for a lesson on Native Instruments’ Maschine with Dubspot instructor and producer Shareef Islam. They explore beat making and music composition, chopping samples and exporting the sounds. They also discuss the influences, sample choices, loops and beats that went into the track “Dipset Anthem,” for which Rsonist sampled Sanchez’s track “One In A Million” from 1988. Shareef also shares tips and tricks for live performance with Maschine.


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