I recently discovered that there are several positive thinking books available on the market, I have discovered one that interested me, Simon Clarkson has published 'DayDreaming'. This is a book aimed at the individual who is looking for success through a positive mental attitude and wants to take control of their lives.

It is a book that emphasizes the power of positive thinking not dissimilar to the Secret in principle, but written by an Englishman in simple terms.

The book explains how Simon applies the power of positive thinking in all of his thoughts, actions to his everyday life. What Simon explains to his reader is that if something is important to us sufficiently so and we desire it, it can and will happen.

The world that we live in today is full of people who are negative and don't believe that they are either good enough or deserve it, whatever it is. What Simon writes is that the world is indeed there for is all to tap into, the important thing being, we need to develop our positive thinking techniques to concentrate on these issues.

Simon goes into detail of his own personal experiences in life, these are quite touching but, the important issue being it is the power of the human being. We all possess these powers but very few people apply them and this is a huge issue we all appear to have.

A great memory that I recall, is one that's when I was a young boy and I would balance on a high wall, my mother would invariably shout "be careful otherwise you may fall". And guess what invariably I'd fall. The point being once you have been told something your your brain will think that it will happen and more often than not it does.

Apply the same thoughts to positive thinking techniques within our lives and you can transform your life. How simple can it all be, surely if we changed our thoughts, wouldn't life be a lot better for all mankind.

In conclusion what Simon Clarkson's book does, is to encourage us all to think positive, healthy good thoughts and you never know when you actually tune in, it will happen. If you were to carry out very simple research it would prove that most successful, prosperous individuals all have one thing in common: the same trait.

Dream it, feel it, touch it, smell it, even imagine playing a video in your mind and all these dreams will come true.

Source by Michael Bury

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