Most of us realize, much of what comes out of the mouths of most politicians, is, both, empty rhetoric, and, often, hypocritical! How often have we witnessed, a politician, say one thing, when his party controls the debate, and has the majority of the political power, and, considerably, different, when they do not? For the past several weeks, much of the debate, in the United States Senate, has related to this President’s nominee, to become the newest member/ Justice, of the Supreme Court. The Republicans have argued, the Democrats are stalling, for political reasons, while the Democrats, state, since a Supreme Court Justice, is a lifetime position, he must be thoroughly considered, without any, rush, to judgment. Since politics often gets in the way, of doing the right thing, and, in the last couple of years, there has been more partisanship, and far less effort, at arriving at a bipartisan decision, the G.O.P. claims the Democrats are unnecessarily, stalling, while the members of the Democratic Party, claim they are merely performing, necessary, due diligence, as is an essential component, of the Constitution’s reference to advise and consent. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, review and discuss, what this means and represents, and why it should concern, most Americans, regardless of political beliefs, etc.

1. President Trump’s rhetoric: Donald Trump has been, perhaps, the most polarizing, controversial, President in recent memory! Since he proclaimed, as a candidate, as well as, once he took office, he would appoint Justices, who shared his philosophy (whatever that might be), and opposed Roe versus Wade. However, when his latest nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, proclaims, he has not made any pre – decision, regarding the matter, but his record, writings, and proclamations, appear to differ, it should not be surprising, so many are concerned with his appointment. In addition, the nominee’s past positions, on labor unions, the environment, and certain protections, etc, despite the Judge’s stated denials, are, of course, concerning to many. Since President Trump’s government, has, already, taken many controversial steps, in terms of many protections and existing regulations, and this President’s rhetoric has often been provocative, those, thinking about sustainability, etc, are concerned, with this nominee.

2. Character and temperament of nominee: Those supporting this nomination, point to the supposed, 6 FBI investigations, previously performed on the Judge, but, many sources have exposed flaws, and hidden information, from those reports, especially regarding conflicts, between the man’s statements, under oath, both in 2004 to 2006, and at present, and question his integrity. The supporters have, rather than fully exploring concerns, from certain women, etc, have appeared, to want to rush, to judgment. Kavanaugh’s outburts, and partisan statements, seem to conflict with the temperament, we have always sought, in our Supreme Court Justices.

There will always be political considerations, lies, and empty rhetoric/ promises, etc, in our system of government, but, when this involves appointing someone, for life, to a position, as a Justice, for life, we should be concerned. Unless, some politicians are willing to go beyond their political agenda, and focus on a thorough, fair review, it won’t matter. However, whether one, belongs to either party, or possesses any political perspective, it should be remembered, politics, and political control, changes, but the concept, of doing the right thing, must not! So, the true question should be, Why the rush to judgment?

Source by Richard Brody

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