This is Part 2 of my Interview with David Lear.
Filmed in August 2018.
This Part 2 segment was at the end of our casual talk where I described the account of my very first Sasquatch Encounter.
I was asked to be a mediator for a family in distress who had a scary experience with a Sasquatch family in the North Carolina Mountains.
LINK: PART 1. ..
Sasquatch DIPLOMACY Interview Part 1.

In this Part 2 Segment – I explain how I connect with the Sasquatch and how messages come to me. I also share how I came to my sudden gifts of healing and my awakening on April Fools Day, 2007. What it was like to wake up that day with a new body and a new mind. I share about how I allowed myself to be the transcriber of my higher self while bringing transmissions from The Ancient One. I talk about energy healing, how I met Aug Tellez and how Holographic Healing assists us in exiting the matrix.

*My thanks to David Lear for putting together this interview.

*Visit Aug Tellez at his website and read a report of his Holographic Healing Session with me.

***Here is the story of the family i assisted with the Sasquatch as presented by my friends
Mary Joyce and Evelyn Gordon.

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