Confidence is the most desired state. Its achieved by defining, defining and directing your life with the daily practice of specifically designed rituals that improve one's life on any front. Practice turns into skill, and skill turns into confidence. And confidence projects a compelling personal package – on all fronts.

The corners of strong confidence are about how you look , Act, Speak & Think in any situation. In other words' how you make a LAST ing impression.

People can always spot incongruencies or double messages, but do not need to identify them – eg, thinking one way and dressing, acting or speaking another.

1.   Image is the outward expression of our talents, skills and thoughts. We use clothes, makeup and hairstyling to enhance our image or personal packaging. Our eyes and lips are our main communication tools and the focus of our presentation. Consequently everything else in our image presentation should act as a backdrop or frame to support, not detract or confuse from the communication center.

A seasoned artist can help transform a person's visual presentation by either enhancing or camouflaging proportion, weight, balance, line and color. Its simply a matter of good architecture – only with a body rather than a building. And as with all good design, it should be pleasing to the eye, work efficiently and effectively and the dividends gained are multi-faceted.

2. The acts of facial expression and body language are the silent language that gives our message believability. The clearer our body language, the clear our message. And the fuel and care we give our bodies is where it starts. The best food, water and air are essential for body and brain function and a healthy life. Enough sleep, rest and relaxation are also necessary components. And we all know that physical activity keeps us in shape, directly affects our viewpoints and makes us happier when those endorphins get fired up. So a spring in our step, a posture of confidence and an expression of warmth creates a persuasive presentation.

3. Your voice builds credibility, authority, trust and believability, in conjunction with your nonverbal communication. Having control and being "in good voice" gives our message strength and confidence. Facial expression also sets the foundation of our vocal expression as our mouth and lips (part of the facial mask) bend the sound that comes from our diaphragm to form the words we speak.

First-rate voice coaches can help develop our "auditory image" or "vocal calling card" for increased confidence and strength of message. With improved projection, placement, enunciation and tempo a voice can have a compelling component that's hard to ignore. TIP: Give every letter in every word, its full intended value. You'll gain perfect pacing, be easily understood, give a lyrical feeling to your words and be more persuasive in the message you're sending out.

4. How we think can be stated as showing respect to everyone and everything around us and it always starts with self-respect. Its simply the "Golden Rule" approach to life. You are what you focus on – whatever you are thinking about directly affects every cell in your body and translates to your outer expression and voice tone.

Whether you have a god or force you believe in – or not, you do have a spirit that permeates through everything you do. It is your greatest guide and working in harmony with it will massively impact your life in positive ways.

So filling our minds with positive and healthy spiritual food (which can be found everywhere) is the foundation that feeds our voice, body language, facial expression and eagerness to groom our personal package in a winning way.

A healthy image of yourself, precedes a vibrant image to the world. This confidence is mere managing how you Look, Act, Speak & Think with simple daily habit building that sustained over time, makes a LAST ing impression and rewards greater personal and business success.

Source by Sharon Danley

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