This is a no weapons, no magic, no armour, no stealth walkthrough for those who got stuck, because they didn’t give their stuff to Malborn and their character is a “big hammer/no brain” type, so sneaking or killing guards using magic is not an option.
I’m playing on medium (default) difficulty and the way i did this can be 100% replicated (tried like 4 times)..
The situation in which im shouting at 6 guards is not luck based, they are always spawning there at the same time. There is a cut at the loading screen before that part, because my shout missed 2 guys at the first try (you have to time it right). The item im looking for is a key to the basement, i don’t know who exacly has it, because of that mess on the ground.
It’s a polish version of Skyrim.


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