The measure of a successful furniture manufacturer isn’t always based on the number of units they’ve produced. What often defines them is the devoted clientele that have come to appreciate the designs and quality of that furniture, who by word of mouth share with others their experiences. This separates the manufacturer from the many others in the marketplace and becomes for them the true measure of success. Lazar Industries is one such company.

Founded in 1983 by husband and wife Barry and Rochelle Lazar the company started out under the name of Chair Design Inc. Its focus was quality niche furnishings with original designs created by the Lazar team. In 1991 the company would change its name to Lazar Industries and would also change their furniture lineup to include more mainstream lifestyles oriented products such as sofas, loveseats, ottomans and sectionals. While the company was doing quite well in residential sales it soon discovered that there was also a growing interest from hospitality and healthcare markets as well for their furniture.

A new division was soon created called Lazar Contract that would focus its efforts in working with commercial properties and clients. Custom capabilities were already in place with their residential offerings. This made it easy for the company to pursue large scale custom projects for clients. Designing from a broad selection of styles and upholstered fabrics available through the company has allowed Lazar to easily produce time critical projects without sacrificing quality.

Working out of two 80,000 square foot manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles, CA and Silver City, NC, Lazar Industries has been able to meet both residential and commercial demand through these domestic manufacturing facilities in the United States. Employing American workers and manufacturing exclusively in the United States has given the company an advantage when working for contracts with developers in the United States who need quality furnishings as well as on-time delivery for custom contract furniture that overseas manufactures are unable to guarantee.

Lazar Contract has furnished commercial locations over the years including Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, PGA West Country Club in California, Carnegie Hall in New York, Regent Beverly Wilshire in California and the Ritz Carlton. In 2007 the company won an upholstered furniture contract for the Trump International Hotel and Tower Project in Las Vegas. In a company press release it was mentioned that when the Lazar representatives met with Donald Trump and his project executives to finalize the contract, the fact that the furniture was being manufactured domestically was a factor in making the deal.

Besides their work in furniture, Barry and Rochelle Lazar have supported various community associations and medical research programs over the years. Both have donated and raised money for the MSAA Multiple Sclerosis Association of America as members of the President’s Circle. A distinguished group of individuals committed to the needs of all people affected by multiple sclerosis. Barry Lazar has also supported research through raising and matching donations for the Hirshberg Foundation which works out of laboratories in UCLA. It researches pancreatic cancer through several projects which hope to advance knowledge and more awareness about this disease.

Lazar Industries continues to manufacture upholstered lifestyles furniture products today for both commercial and residential use. With its two factories located in both California and North Carolina they are able to produce quality custom made furnishings on time with a variety of designs and upholstery. Lazar’s contract work has also provided them recognition in the industry as suppliers of much sought after high end furnishings. Lazar’s approach to design and construction has helped brand them as a manufacturer of quality American made furniture.

Source by Phil Pendleton

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