Enrich and expand your global view, delve into one of the world’s warmest culture, and learn how a small country without strong economic and military power is considered the mediator of the Middle East.

The course takes place in the Sultanate of Oman, strategically located on the Strait of Hormuz – the world’s most important oil transportation area where 20% of oil traded moves through – down to the Southern borders near Yemen. Long coastlines on the Persian (Arabian) Gulf, and the Gulf of Oman, including the port capital city of Muscat, with the Sultan’s palace, souks, a modern opera house, and the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Majestic mountains, daunting deserts where the Bedouin tradition continues, and watch endangered sea turtles laying eggs. After touring natural wonders, such as the desert, mountains, and seaside, we will explore Nizwa, once the center for art, education, religion, and trade.


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