Many people are struggling with debt problems and yet have a fortune right under their nose just waiting to be mined. In other words, if you’ve ever read Russell Cromwell’s famous speech, there are numerous modern-day “Acres of Diamonds” stories and the following is just one example.

When Robert Lenkiewicz, an eccentric artist, died in 2002, aged 60, of a heart attack, executors found the equivalent of about 24 dollars in cash in his home. He had never opened a bank account and had amassed huge debts. In addition, Lenkiewicz never paid any taxes, nor did he keep financial records of the sales of his paintings. In fact, it took executors 7 years to sort out his estate.

But not only was Lenkiewicz a prolific artist – he painted a staggering 10,000 works – his work has been rated of “national significance” by the British Museum. And his art has been valued at millions of dollars. He also had a rare book collection worth about two million dollars.

Now, this is indeed an extreme case. Robert Lenkiewicz was undoubtedly gifted but, as mentioned, he was an eccentric. Executors even found the body of an embalmed tramp, Robert McKenzie, in a cupboard drawer. However, in case you were wondering, the tramp did not die under suspicious circumstances. He died of cancer in 1984 at age 72 and apparently wanted to be preserved. And embalming sure beats costly funeral fees. Anyway, I digress.

The point here is that Robert Lenkiewicz was a multimillionaire but he died in poverty. And the thing is that while you may not have millions stashed away in the form of art or other collectibles, it is highly likely that you have money in some other form right under your nose but you just can’t see it. It’s often been said that the best way to hide something is in plain sight. So whether or not you’re struggling with debt problems or experiencing financial hardship at this time, wouldn’t it be great to be able to tap into an existing money stream and increase your income at this time?

And the reason you’re unable to see it is because your level of awareness is simply not high enough. However, you can change this and, in the interim seek out the help of someone who’s really good at spotting genuine money-making opportunities and enhancing existing opportunities so that you get the most out of them. Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen call this “plusing”. In other words, when you think of a money-making idea, examine it to see how you can make it even bigger and better.

Another reason why you may not see money-making opportunities is because of fear. Fear can literally blind you to the money-making opportunities that surround you. For if you can’t see them you don’t have to take action on them. As Dr Joe Vitale, author of “Attract Money Now” said:

“Your wealth is hiding under what you are afraid to do.”

Robert Lenkewicz was a gifted painted but he clearly wasn’t good at organizing his finances. It’s important that you identify and work to your strengths. However, you also have to manage your weaknesses as well otherwise they will cripple you and you could find yourself needlessly struggling with debt problems when in reality you’ve money and money-making opportunities right under your nose.

Source by Nickolove Lovemore

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