What is Success? Am I successful? At times, we may ask ourselves this illusive question and it leads us to nowhere. In the eyes of your friends and relatives, you may be successful in term of wealth, status and recognition, but deep inside you, you may feel the emptiness that you have despite all the criteria that many people term as successful yardstick.

If you asked one thousand person about what is success, you will get a thousand different answers. So what other people think as success is not that important as far as you yourself are concerned, the important thing is you must personal feel successful regardless of what others think or feel. I once read a book with the title “Psycho-cybernetic” by Maxwell Maltz who write about some criteria of success which I personally feel is what individual should look at success.

In his book, he penned his acronym for success as

S-Sense of direction





S-Self confidence

S-Self acceptance

When you look at what Maxwell had shared on the acronym of success, you will notice that the criteria he shared is all from within rather that outside; it is more of our personal character building than material possession. If one would understand that the possession of the wealth of the whole world would not make a person more successful than a person who had the courage and self-confidence with a sense of direction in bringing charity and spend all her life in helping and building the self-esteem and self-acceptance of the needy and the poor, one would realized that success is not about material possession but more of self actualization and leaving a legacy for the world.

Most people strongly believe that to be successful, they must have the material possession or personal status such as wealth, fame and power that the world at large look upon to. In recent years, there is a call and drive for those super wealthy personality to donate their wealth for charity and philanthropy work for the benefits of our next generation. What has made some of these super riches to have a change of heart to parted the material possession that they spend all their life to achieve and accumulate? We might not be a noble as Mother Theresa and all these philanthropists but we too can follow the criteria of success shared by Maxwell Maltz and leave a legacy for our children to remember.

Source by SK Wong

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