In Norse astrology, Tyr (represented by the planet Saturn) is one of three planets that indicate success or accomplishment in life. The other two planets are Freyr (Jupiter) and Thor (Mars). Tyr represents our sense of law and order, of how society should be structured. He signifies the demands society makes of us, and what we, in return, demand from society. More specifically, he shows the role of business, organizations, law, contracts, and government in our lives. Unlike, the Greco-Roman Saturn, Tyr does not represent limitation or constriction. While Saturn represents isolation, Tyr represents involvement with external organizations, and how they may assist us.

Because Tyr has an affinity with the Day West house of Norse astrology, we also look to that octant of the solar circle for the role of law, business, and other societal organizations in our accomplishments.

Of the Norse natal horoscopes that we discuss here, we see Tyr at his strongest in the charts of two heads of government: Angela Merkel, current Chancellor of Germany, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governor of California. In Chancellor Merkel’s chart, Tyr is in the pleasant and harmonious rune Wunjo, indicating ease when working within large bureaucracies. Tyr is close to the zenith, in the Day house, which indicates success within large organizations. Frigga (Venus), the planet of family, is in the Day West house, making her a mother-figure within Germany. A sextile of Frigga to Tyr emphasizes this identification. Ansuz, rune of magic, wind, and communication, is the primary rune in the Day West house, which gave her the power to gently break through barriers. This rune helped her transcend the barriers of a life in the DDR (East Germany), and made her the first female chancellor of Germany.

The Tyr of Governor Schwarzenegger is more dynamic. Here we find it in Thor’s rune, Thurisaz, indicating powerful breakthroughs in business and government. Schwarzenegger, barely speaking English, emigrated from Austria to the USA, creating businesses, becoming an actor, and entering politics. Tyr is in conjunction with Freyja (Sun), making this involvement more individualistic and person-oriented. Tyr, however, is in the Night East house of family, which indicates a volatile mix of family and publicity, of domestic vs. public duties. Elhaz, rune of striving toward heaven, is in the Day West house, emphasizing his struggle for the best.

Another interesting placement is that of Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales. Here we find Tyr in Perthro, the most random and fickle of runes. This is an apt description of her position within the staid hierarchy of the British government and monarchy. Tyr was also in the East house, the house of self, so that she became identified with those very institutions. The feminine planets Frigga and Hel (southern declination of the Moon) emphasize her role as wife and mother in the royal family. Her Day West house contains both powerful Thor and disruptive Loki (Uranus), which encouraged her to willfully upset the establishment. Ansuz in the Day West house helps her artfully evade societal conventions.

An enlightening comparison can be made between actress Elizabeth Taylor and Diana Spencer. Like Spencer, Taylor’s Tyr is not only in unpredictable Perthro, but also in the East house, with inspirational Ansuz again in the Day West house. But unlike Spencer’s Tyr, Taylor’s Tyr forms no aspects to other planets. As such, she never moved in the halls of government as did Spencer. True, Taylor married into politics (Senator John Warner), but she never took advantage of this position.

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