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Getting Rid Of Political Corruption in Washington DC – The Way to Clean House In Government?

How is it possible to drain the swamp in American Politics? I sometimes wonder if that is even possible. My personal view is, yes, I'd like to drain the swamp too, I just want to drain the left-side of the swamp first, not sure how that would work. Back in late 2015 we discussed the issues with political corruption at our think thank and how to go about it, we determined it was necessary to 'clean house' or what Donald Trump calls; draining the swamp.

One of our think tankers asked; "What if the release of findings are to the people via an honest media source that reports on news as they really should?"

Yes, expose the corruption, kind of like WikiLeaks attempted to do with the DNC. Of course, one of the challenges is that much of the shenanigans going on in american politics are not even considered serious by the masses (more so business as usual), as long as they get their free stuff or the politician is of their party, they don't care. In the case of a reporter, if they lean-left they down play the allegations of Democrats and act as apologetics, then attack Republican politicians and leaders.

As a writer, I have no need for a Pulitzer, and I don't always place a lot of value on self-righteous whistleblowers, especially those who are involved and want immunity or have an ax to grind, or have done something dishonest to do the whistleblowing. I especially dislike traitors.

Our thinker also stated; "You know findings will also make their way to giant news corporations as well through the backdoor pipeline."

I suppose, and yet how will this information be derived? Remember Rupert Murdock scandal? Remember the HP scandal with the board members getting cell phone call records? Although there is some immunity, theoretically from the media not to reveal sources, that would mean being dishonest in the process. Can we even trust the media? I don't.

Another issue I see is that if this were not totally nonpartisan, it wouldn't work. I bet there are many very political animals on both sides of the aisle and secondary parties would want the NSA information for instance to clobber their political rivals. In fact, that could change history, even destroy the country if done wrong or un-orchestrated. (Remember: this was a conversation in late 2015).

Our thinker now notes: "We need good agents, and backed by a think tank (which can provide targets), it could prove effective."

Boy you'd have to have some super people on your team, integrity beyond reproach, and you'd have to have the command and control of the organization stay out of sight and out of mind (invisible almost). I don't know anyone I can trust at that level, only one, and I am unconvinced I'd want to do it, even if I understand the need.

You see, I also understand the animal, the political animal. I understand the competitive aspects and the type of person needed to do the job. Have you ever participated in politics? Some of these people are worse than stock brokers at the wire house, selling penny stocks, or working in boiler rooms. Last liar wins.

Indeed, I believe the United States Supreme Court has been compromised by corporations giving jobs and high-paying consulting gigs to immediate family members of our Supreme Court Justices. We cannot allow this. We must remove and replace those members on the Supreme Court who've allowed these compromises to affect their decision making. We need to look too at the Executive Branch, the Senate, and all Congressional Members of BOTH parties not just one.

We need to look at ALL governors, and ALL top bureaucrats at the Federal and State Levels, once we do this, we need that serious commitment to anti-corruption to make it all the way down to the municipal level. Think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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Is It, True Beliefs, Arrogance/ Defiance, Entitlement, Politics, Or Diversion?

Regardless of one’s political beliefs, and/ or, affiliations, nearly everyone realizes, what we have been witnessing, isn’t normal! When Donald Trump, ran for President, a few years ago, he, made a connection with a certain segment of America’s electorate, many of which, ended up, becoming, what we refer to, as his political base, and core supporters. For many of us, unfortunately, President Trump has done, all he could do, to divide and polarize Americans, than to fulfill his campaign promise, to, Make America Great Again! Since his specific message, seems to change, on a somewhat, regular basis, it might be beneficial, to, consider, whether, his statements, represent his true beliefs, arrogance/ defiance/ ego, a sense of entitlement, or something, perhaps, more sinister, and intentionally, diverting the public’s attention. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, why this makes any difference, and why Americans, should be concerned.

1. True beliefs: As much as I, personally, disagree with the overall message, and tone of this President, at least, if it was, an articulation of his true beliefs, it would be concerning, but far less discouraging, and despicable!

2. Arrogance/ defiance/ ego: Are we simply observing, President Trump’s arrogance, and defiance, of anyone, or thing, which disagrees, with him? Is this his ego, taking the largest role? Why do, so many seem, surprised, by the behavior and attitude, of this man, when those, who have observed his behavior, for decades, feel, it should have been expected, because, he has always acted, that way?

3. A sense of entitlement: Many believe, this issue has become enhanced, because of the individual’s apparent sense of entitlement! During the campaign, many shrugged, when he said, he was so popular, he could shoot someone, on Fifth Avenue, and nothing would be done! He appears to view, the American Presidency, as if, he was royalty, and above the law!

4. More sinister, and diverting attention: While some supporters, seem to, either believe Mr. Trump, or don’t care, as long as they feel, his political/ personal agenda, aligns with their perceived. self – interest! Many fact – checkers, including the Washington Post, etc, have stated, this President has misstated information or lied, close to 11,000 times, since elected. He often seems to lie, when it’s hard to understand, why he felt he needed to! Therefore, is his behavior, planned, part of his overall plan, and an attempt, to divert attention, from the many negative items, and issues, which are consistently, regularly, disclosed?

Wake up, America, because this nation, is at – risk, of being, under – attack! The future of our way of life, may create a nation, we no longer, recognize!

Source by Richard Brody

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Saboteurs: By Tom Horn & Cris Putman – Book Review

This courageous book by Tom Horn & Cris Putnam is a groundbreaking work that goes into a deep investigation into the many secret societies, such as Skull & Bones, that are so prolific in our nation’s capital, the sewer of humanity. In this unnerving chronicle His focus is centered on the esoteric occult and their harrowing plot that holds an unbelievable secret they only want members to understand.

Deep State

Satanists and Masonic devotees are using a shadow government to battle Trump at every turn to slow down his agenda, marginalize any positive outcomes and manipulate our government through DC based secret societies in their insidious quest to set up a New World Order.


Tome Horn’s best work yet “Saboteurs” follows this quest that is on the great seal of America, points to a story told by John in the bigger than life book of revelation and the prophecies of Daniel that show this empire having a body of iron and feet of clay. These esoteric elites and their secret societies are conjuring up spells to bring about an order that the antichrist will rule. This sinister strongman will be called the grey champion and the power broker bankers and elite billionaires of Europe will back him at all costs.

Horn Investigates

Tom Horn shows the sinister plot to bring about deception that will be a great lie told at a time in the future that will advance their theory of a world government. They want their empire to have one world money, a one world religion, a one world dictator and a one world tax to support all of these sinister workings. This antichrist, who will be much like Hitler, will want all on the earth to have a mark on their body so they can buy and sell. In revelation it is called the mark of the beast.

Horn Shows

Horn says and I quote:

“This investigation addresses:

*The supernatural truth behind the Trump Derangement Syndrome

*How the federal bureaucracy is a tool of Deep State Occultists

*Shocking revelations about Satanism in the US Capitol from WikiLeaks

*What is in the Shadow Government two miles from the White House

*Obama, Alinsky, and a dedication to Lucifer

*Steve Bannon, the Fourth Turning, and The Grey Champion

*The Necronomicon and why ZENITH 2016 may have just been fulfilled

*Why Rabbis in Israel believe Donald Trump is paving way for Messiah

*Hidden truth about Pope Francis and Dr. Horn s next major prediction

*House of Cards, the Bohemian Grove, and the secret deal that was done

*Hilarion, witchcraft, the Babylon Working, and Spirit Cooking 2020

*And much more.”


For those that want to be in the know this investigative book “Saboteurs”gets to the bottom of the deep state and the great scheme they are trying to pull off. Horn gives his educated prediction on what he thinks will occur, who wins out, how it happens, why Trump will see what is coming, when these things will occur and his final conclusion on the swamp things.

I give this book a Five Star out of five rating for its timeliness, terrific insight, the focused reasoning on why this will soon be going down and why the world will be shocked on who the winner is. Absolutely a great piece of work!

Source by Gary Kent Boyd

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Overregulation Dialogue

After the 2016 Presidential Election the stock markets in the US hit all-time highs and even before Trump’s inauguration, the Dow is poised to cross 20,000 for the first time. This is surprising because many economists proclaimed that if Donald J. Trump was elected we’d go into recession immediately. Wow, lots of talk and banter with only hollow thinking, I’d say. How can this be you ask? It’s simple, Trump said he’d lower the corporate tax, and reduce regulations. Sure, that would do it, the economy will grow at 4-5% in fact, we will have to worry about over-heating, not slowing down. Even the FED is already saying they will need to raise rates soon. Even with the banking crisis in Italy and the challenges of the European Union.

The left tells us that we need all that regulation, but I for one completely disagree. The left says business is dishonest, but I say what about government and the system we’ve created. What concerns me is when special interests, lobbyists on left or right use regulations intended for other industries to enforce their competitors or anti-agenda organizations out-of-business. The over regulation is pervasive – OSHA has 56 stories tall of regs if you stack each page on top of one-another (2002 figure).

Businesses, nonprofits, family farms, even our governments’ own agencies (at every level down to park districts and self-governing HOAs) get caught up in this – creating inefficiencies and propping up cronyism (yes, both sides – labor, environmental activists, small businesses, corporations) which does a disservice to our economy, jobs, and standards of living. It’s chocking our society with an ever growing blob of bureaucracy – it’s just insane. No wonder businesses want to leave – that plus, class-action lawyers, insane tax code, labor threats, and bureaucratic and economic uncertainty.

When the EPA is used to prevent coal fired plant EIRs to add clean-coal technologies to actually clean the air – we know that the agency has a politically driven bias against coal – of course we know this because Obama’s own words were “We will regulation fossil fuels out of business” and he’s tried with a phone and a pen – worse he’s turned the EPA into the Gestapo and it no longer serves its original purpose, in fact in the end it may actually worsen the environment – used batteries with heavy metals in our landfills, more birds killed by wind and solar power plant evaporation beams, decreased crop production, more onerous greenhouse gases such as etching compounds used to treat solar panels in manufacturing, more soot from steel production of 400 foot wind turbine towers to get to the stronger winds. The hypocrisy is truly endless and the EPA absolutely worthless.

In the age of YELP and the internet much of the consumer regulation is completely unnecessary – if a company screws over consumers it is done for anyway – problem solved. When businesses are forced through politically correct agenda to do business a certain way, many cannot survive in the free-market. If those who feel that way about politically correct things and if they vote with their dollars then businesses will change – if not, it probably isn’t that big of an issue anyway – but if a politically correct individual believes it is they may start a business and compete directly – if they are right, they win in profits, if not they go out of business – this is the best way for a society to vote – vote with their dollars not with false propaganda or use of a big government threat.

Source by Lance Winslow

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Procrastination Vs Progression

Last month my husband and I went to Hawaii for a much needed vacation. Before arriving at our final destination we disembarked from one flight and were taken by shuttle to the other side of the airport. There we were to catch our final flight to another island and our awaiting vacation destination.

While on the shuttle our driver greeted us with a Hawaiian phrase, promptly followed by its interpretation. He said that the phrase meant, "Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow." Everyone on the shuttle laughed but it really made me think about human nature. We are often caught in the habit of procrastination! Many put tasks and responsibilities off till tomorrow or even a later date! Great achievers in the business world rarely do so!

A study of the greatest entrepreneurs in history will reveal a passion for productivity, achievement, progress, and optimum work ethics! Henry Ford once said, "It's been my observation that most successful people get ahead, during the time that other people waste."

Four ways to avoid procrastination

There are four things we can do to avoid the debilitating habit of procrastination! Being free of procrastination will release us to progress further, and faster in business! Here are the four things:

1. Remain Passionate
2. Live your dreams
3. Keep learning
4. Just do something

Remain Passionate!

Donald J. Trump asserts, in his book "Trump University Wealth Building 101" the importance of passion in business. He states, "Passion sounds out of place in business, but it's at the top of my list. I know for a fact-and from my own experience-that it's absolutely critical to achieving any kind of long-lasting success."

Passion is a powerful driving force! It wakes us early, keeps us up late, drives us to pursue our cause, and destroys any lasting residue of procrastination in our lives. When we are passionate about our objective, we have greater initiative, clearer perspective, stronger resolve and more clearly defined boundaries to remain diligent and consistent!

Passion overcomes drowsiness, boredom, fatigue, frustration, insecurity and a number of other root causes of procrastination! When we remain topped up with the fuel of passion our motor is supercharged with power and motivation!

So how do we ensure that we remain passionate?

Live your dreams!

One powerful source of passion is the pursuit of our primary purpose! Best Selling author, Dr. Myles Munroe, in his book "In Pursuit of Purpose" suggests that the pursuit of your purpose and dreams is a powerful motivator, sharing, "No amount of accomplishments can replace the power and the motivation of finding your own special niche and working toward your dreams. "

Dreams are the life breath of the human soul. Where there are no dreams there is very little inspiration, insight, hope, passion, initiative or influence! Every person on this planet has a purpose! Each dream is a door to discovering our true purpose and greatness! When we discover our specific niche and operate in it, we achieve more with less effort! Life, work, business and increase, therefore, come more readily!

Living our dreams can be likened to a baseball "slugger" hitting a ball on the "sweet spot" on a bat! The ball will go out of the park every time! When we live our dreams, everything goes to a greater level! Nothing is more motivating than knowing that everything we put our hands to will turn to gold!

How do we live our dreams?

Keep learning!

Well known investor, entrepreneur, and educator, Robert T. Kiyosaki has often been known to say, "The future will be very bright for those who prepare today …"

Many businesses have succumbed to the burdens caused by a downturn in the economy! External influences, such as economic downturns, don't have to stifle growth. The solution resides within the hearts of business owners! Education is the key to unlocking the resource of creativity and potential in us, leading to opportunities for gaining wealth!

In Donald J. Trump's preface to his book "Trump University Wealth Building 101" Mr. Trump shares, "Early in my career, it became clear to me that education gives you a big edge in business … People who are more educated … have the advantage."

I have watched many wage earners in dead-end jobs become ambitious and productive business owners after discovering one simple key through education! At the core of every human is a reservoir of dreams, purpose and true potential. Knowledge and understanding help to dig paths of discovery to the wealth of potential which lay buried in our hearts! As we discover "nuggets" of potential and apply them with understanding to a business venture, we excel in our gifts and become more valuable to others.

As each gifted musician, acclaimed artist, or skilled surgeon has seen, potential remains dormant until it is discovered and cultivated through a carefully planned learning process! You are an answer to something needed in society! Your business is a platform for serving your potential solutions to the world! Education is the means by which we cultivate and activate our potential.

Scott Anderson, in his book "Think Like A Billionaire" (Winword publishing house, p.69) asks pointed questions related to preparation for opportunities. He questions readers, "What are you preparing for in your life? Are you prepared? How much time did you spend last week getting ready for the next opportunity that will come along in your life? The average person does not read a motivational or teaching book in a year. How many books have you read this year? When was the last time you bought a book, read it, took notes and studied it? Our society expects to be spoon fed from television and media instead of stepping into a bookstore or library to learn and gain the understanding needed for the next opportunity. "

Each dream we unearth and cultivate for application within our businesses will produce a seed for future success! Each seed will produce an answer for a specific need in our society! When we discover our potential and prepare to release the solution, our businesses will grow and flourish!

The excitement of running a flourishing business helps to destroy much of our procrastination!

It is clear that education is essential for success in life and business, but what is the next step?

Just do something!

There are two questions you should ask yourself to reveal your attitude towards productivity:

1. Where am I regularly procrastinating?
2. What did I put off till tomorrow?

If you make a decision "today" to start doing the things that should be done "today," I guarantee you will have incredible results in your business and in your finances.

Why not try out a new motto this month, "Why do tomorrow what you can do today!" I believe that this motto will launch you into greater progress and increase in the next thirty days.

Source by Dr Carmen Lynne

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Why Are These So Few Civil Discussions, About Politics, Today ?: 5 Reasons

Wouldn't it be nice, if instead of the constant arguments, polarizing rhetoric, and false facts (used), we witnessed more conversations, which were civil, civilized, and we remained friendly, when we disagreed, and simply, agreed, to disagree? It seems, for the last couple of decades, the divide, within our nation, and its citizens, has widened, and there seems to be little, to no attempt, to find any middle – ground, and / or, meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good! A nation divided among itself , is not merely less effective, but enhances the possibility, for it getting worse! In fact, many believe, the degree of division (and depth of it), is the widest, since the American Civil War! While some seek simplistic reasons for this, placing the blame, on, President Trump, the White Supremacists, immigrants, or some other diversion, this article will seek to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 possible reasons, and the inherent danger, the polarizing of the electorate, may be, to the future of our nation.

1. 5% of middle: For the majority of the relatively short history, of the United States, we have elected Presidents, whose political position, was within a somewhat limited middle – range, generally from 5% to the left, or right. This seemed to change, in 1980, when President Reagan, was elected, with a perspective, considerably further to the right. However, he did so, in a positive, unifying (or attempted) manner, and avoided the rhetoric, and vitriol, we witness today! The next few elected Presidents, moved back, towards the middle, until 2008, when Barack Obama, moved a little further to the left (but, again, without the polarizing rhetoric), however, this seemed to change, significantly, in 2016, when Donald Trump, resorted to conspiracy theories, rhetoric, vitriol, empty promises, and an appeal, to the more extreme positions of his core supporters. Since his election, he has articulated a polarizing position, and, while his base strongly supports in him, and appears willing to support him (regardless of what happens), much of the rest of the electorate, appears to feel despair, and fear, about the apparent attack on many of America's principles. etc.

2. 24/7 Cable News Cycle, and Internet: Today, we are inundated, by constant over – exposure, from cable news, and the Internet, where previously, we gathered our news and information, from fewer, but probably, more reliable media vehicles. In addition, we seem to constantly hear, many lies and misstatements, much more often, and severe, than we have, in the past! President Trump, according to one of the major fact – checking organizations, in fact, has, either, lied or made a major misstatement, over 10,000 times, since he was elected.

3. Trolls / fake news: When one of the President's spokespeople, proclaims, there are 2 versions of facts, and, what appears to be a lie, is merely, an alternative fact, most voters, lose attention and focus, and don ' t know, what to believe! While, each of us, is entitled to our own opinions, we aren't granted the right to our own sets of facts!

4. The Trump Factor: Whether one agrees with, or opposes, Mr. Trump, there must be universal agreement, he is behaving, and acting, far differently, that his predecessors! When the present occupant of the White House, has been, under investigation since his election, and uses polarizing language, rhetoric, and vitriol, nearly every day, how does that bring us, together?

5. Hatred / bigotry / fears: Our Constitution was created, with a focus on certain principles, and ideas, including freedoms, liberty, and justice, for all, but, today, we're witnessing far too much hatred, bigotry, and appeal to the fears of our citizens, instead of bringing us together, for the common good!

Wake up, America, and protect the nature and freedoms of this nation, which have made us, a gleaming example, for the rest of the world! Make this about the type of nation, we are, and want to be!

Source by Richard Brody

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Product Development for Home Based Businesses

Developing products can be a challenge in the home based business environment. Where do you go for a laboratory to create and test new product lines? Where do you turn for new packaging and marketing? Where do you turn for help?

You’re there. YOU are the crack team, as Donald Trump says. So forget about looking around. You’re it. Here’s what to do for your own product development.

First find a need. You want sales, so find something people want. How? Communication is the key. Ask your friends, your contacts, your business associates, your clients. See what they could use to make their lives easier. Poll them, survey them, email them, call them. Post questions on forums and chat rooms. Be like television’s Lieutenant Colombo (or the original Pink Panther) and enjoy the search, but don’t give up until you get your answers.

Second, get organized NOW, if you aren’t already. Take good notes as you go along. Keep organized, well-labeled computer and print folders and files in handy places. Use an organizer with a calendar if you need to. Third, create a product based around the need you discovered above. No need to be Einstein or invent the wheel. Search and find others in the industry to help and see how others did their product creation before you. Then copy their methods -not ‘exactly’, but rather ‘similarly follow in their footsteps.’ I.E. read trade journals, search the Internet, review archived magazine articles, ask your local librarian to help you – and research “how to” get your idea off the ground based upon how others have done it in the past. Then team up, share ideas, share resources, share marketing funds and share revenue, etc. with those experienced. Reach out and don’t be afraid to find help and share. No need to go it alone or be greedy.

Third, along the way, get legal or other authoritative help as needed. Start with the Small Business Administration and find out if you need special permits, licensing, fees, contracts, legal structure, etc. Comparison shop, if possible, and get set up properly.

Fourth, there are plenty of ideas to go around. After one success, you can move on and duplicate it again and again. Do it. And give back to the community. Help others get their businesses established and growing.

In summary, product creation can be challenging. But the results can be so rewarding. So take the plunge and forge ahead!

Source by Hans Hasselfors

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Silver And Gold Are On The Rise This Year

For silver and gold to rise by and large, in regard to various instruments of noteworthy worth, regard ought to be diverted a long way from those other fighting instruments. The share market, particularly, has been the best obstacle to a climb in profitable metals, due to it sucking up a huge bit of the available motivating force on overall markets.

Silver and gold confronts two noteworthy headwinds: higher loan costs and looser financial approach. These two elements will keep on driving the US dollar and security yields higher.

A month and a half of persistent purchasing, which as of late pushed gold costs to five-month highs, at long last incited flexible investments to take benefits in the yellow metal, as indicated by the most recent exchange information from the Commodity Futures Trading Condition . Speculators see an incentive in holding a center situating in gold as instability keeps on rising.

Gold is ready to rally to levels last observed four years back, the valuable metal might be in the early phases of a positively trending market, costs may move to $ 1,400 to $ 1,500 an ounce this year. Gold has climbed for the current year as financial specialists measure measure hazards that President Donald Trump won't have the capacity to actualize his plan, adding to vulnerability encompassing European decisions and the Brexit procedure.

Bullion is customarily viewed as a compelling support against rising inflation, picking up in an incentive to help holders save their wealth. While higher US rates normally float the dollar and can hurt bullion, the product has progressed amid past climbing cycles. Trump's current talking down of the greenback's quality ought to likewise be good for gold.

We're seeing an increase with inflation the whole way across the globe. We're seeing it in the US, essentially everywhere there is swelling marker indications showing new highs. We're seeing it in Europe and Asia also.Invest in inflation-sensitive assets again such as silver equities, gold equities.

Vulnerability in Europe expanded interest for gold venture items in the primary quarter of the year, as per the World Gold Council's Gold Demand Trends Q1, 2017 report.

Over the globe a blend of celebrations recharged refuge purchasing that saw interest for gold bars and coins move by 9%.

On the whole, worldwide gold request over various measures focuses towards a world that is indeterminate and to continuous place of refuge request. At times, for example, in the US, EU and China, request stays vigorous though in any semblance of Turkey request is down from record levels.

Quite a bit of this is because of geo-political vulnerability and political change. Political vulnerability in Europe has expanded interest for gold bullion. UK, Netherlands, France and Germany have floated interest in place of refuge gold. German gold bar and coin request had its most grounded first quarter since 2011 – 13% yoy to 34.3t, however this must not detract from the UK which hit its largest amount since Q2 2013.

While quiet is frequently observed settling over a market after a surge, for example, that seen in 2017, we think about whether we will keep on seeing a back off in ETF inflows since these have not been seen since the financial crisis.

Not long ago we expounded on the dubious London property advertise and inquired as to whether this was a pointer of a bubble, setting off a domino influence far and wide. This would clearly prompt much more more wealth wealth refuge gold and silver streams and requests.

China's gold market Jewelry request may have encountered a little decay, yet gold bars and coins saw a 30% expansion (yoy), its fourth best quarter on record. We would for the most part expect the primary quarter of the year to be a solid one for China, given their New Year, be that as it may it was this joined with concerns in regards to the economy (falling yuan and property advertise) that drove request to 105.9t.

Some of this stellar request can be credited to the development showing up in the nearby gold market, to be specific enthusiasm paying gold records, benchmarked on the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE's) AU9999 contract with a base section purpose of one gram. It is exchanged on the web, with a possibility for physical conveyance – immeasurably imperative for Chinese financial specialists.

Source by Jay Tachyon

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You Need More Income

The presidential election is over and I can tell you now. President Elect Donald Trump is not going to save you. You are going to need more income. Senator Hillary Clinton couldn't save your finances, either. The truth is the middle class is dead. That dream of finding a good job, buying a house, having a car, and saving to retire to greener pastures is an illusion.

Don't believe me. Look at all the fast food jobs, security, and customer service jobs out there. There is not a job shortage. Jobs are everywhere if you are willing to work for minimum wage or a little higher. The unemployment rate has gone down every year since the last recession. Americans are scared because they are living paycheck to paycheck. They are in debt up to their eyeballs. One setback and they can be financially ruined.

Don't think the middle class is dead. Will the next POTUS bring back a resurgence of the middle class? Heck no, it has been in decline for over 30 years. Think about it. If you are making $ 100k in places like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco or Chicago you are struggling. Especially, if you are carrying student loans, a mortgage, and huge credit card debts.

The Journey of The Broke

Go to work, get paid, and then barley make it to the next paycheck. Then use credit cards, pay-day loans, or home equity lines to bridge the gap until you get paid again. That is the journey of the broke. A vicious cycle that hits most American homes today. People are not getting ahead. You can blame the economy, greedy corporations, or bad trade deals. Ultimately why you are broke is because of YOU.

Until you create more income the cycle of debt and not enough money will repeat itself. Income is king to financial security. This is where people fail. They do not create more income. Sure cutting expenses and having a monthly cashflow plan can help your finances. But until you increase that income line … you will struggle.

Get Another Job

The fastest way to generate more income is to get a second job. Yes, there are a tone of jobs out there depending on where you live. Pizza delivery, security guards, fast food workers, and other minimal wage opportunities. I did say create a new career I said get a second job.

Getting a second job is the easiest thing to do to change your financial future. No it's not permanent. It's immediate income and when you handle the money correctly you could be financially secure in a couple of years. It takes work and discipline. Now if you have family obligations that will not allow you to get a second job you must find other ways to generate income.

Sell ​​your Crap

Yes I called it crap. If you are paying monthly fees for storage, can't park your car in the garage (the garage is meant for your car not piling up stuff), or you still trip over things in your house after you clean. Then you need to sell that crap. Hold a yard sell. Get rid of it and create some cash. Put it on eBay or other sites. Clean the cutter and fatten your wallet.

Side Hustle

With Uber and Lyft you can get your side hustle on. Keep your fulltime job and do these independent contractor jobs on the side. Choose your own hours. Work as much as you can. Don't like to drive? Find something that is flexible and increase your bottom line.

Business Owner

This is the hardest way to generate more income. But it will create wealth if you are successful. If you are not struck by the entrepreneur spirit then find another job. Can you turn your hobby into an empire? Maybe? Understand that to create more income in a business you need sales. Sales are the life-blood for all businesses. No sales no success.

Create More Income

I have given you several ways to earn more money. Put together a short-term and long-term plan. The middle class is dead. Your financial future is in your hands. More income streams will help you survive the middle class crunch.

Source by Charles Fitzgerald Butler

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