The Long Island Medium – How Does She Do It?

How does Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, actually GET her information? Is it ESP, telepathy or just good old fashioned spiritual communication? What about cold reading or fishing for answers… something that many of the skeptics like to argue? Or is it possible that the show is edited to make it LOOK like she is getting far more “hits” than she actually is?

As a psychic and paranormal writer and researcher, I have to be honest… there is NO more exciting time to be involved in this field than right now!


Because interest in psychic, spiritual and even paranormal phenomena is at an all time high, and people can’t seem to get ENOUGH when it comes to topics that were once considered taboo.

What may surprise you is this:

As someone who makes a living in this field, I DON’T believe all of the famous psychics and mediums are really doing anything very special or impressive.

Many of them, in my view are “guilty” of some of the things that the skeptics and cynics claim, and I like to think of myself as extremely open minded with EVERY medium I study… but NOT so open minded that my brains fall out every time I hear something that sounds good.

Theresa claims to be getting her information from the world of spirit… and NOT from ESP or telepathy or reading the minds of her clients, and I believe that this is truly what she IS doing.

And while I know that some of the TV show is certainly edited for brevity, levity and overall entertainment, the overall tone of the show is true.

How am I so sure?

I’ve been watching the Long Island Medium LONG before she actually became who she “is” today, and well before she was on TV at all.

As a matter of fact, there is a well known non profit organization that works with grieving families on the East Coast called “The Forever Family Foundation”, and Theresa was demonstrating her psychic abilities publicly there WELL before her more recent “overnight” success.

As someone who believes in mediumship through personal experience with 100% certainty, I can tell you that her gifts, BEFORE TV were often more impressive than the stuff you see on the show.

That said, as with all psychic mediums, she certainly has her detractors, and there are people who will never believe ANY of this is real, simply because they refuse to believe in spiritual realities outside of the physical. One famous skeptic recently said, and I paraphrase –

“EVEN if the spirit of my very own Mother showed up and spoke to me for 30 minutes, I still wouldn’t believe it was real.”

Ultimately, the ONLY way to prove psychics, or spiritual experiences are real, is to seek them out for yourself. What I can promise you is this: If you have an open mind, and search for the truth, you WILL find it. And what you WILL find, will change you forever… much like it did me, I promise!

Source by Danny Fredricks

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Is The Long Island Medium Real? (This May Change Your Mind)

What do mediums REALLY do? Are they cold reading? Guessing? Are their “clients” really planned in the audience… or is it possible they really ARE speaking to the dead? Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the millions of people who are watching popular celebrity mediums on TV and NOT sure what to make of them, the truth is… you are NOT alone. Trying to decide WHAT a psychic or medium may be doing to get such accurate information is very tough… especially when the “easiest” explanation is one that is too difficult to accept for many: that they really ARE speaking to spirits and communicating with the dead.

Does that mean that ALL psychic mediums really CAN communicate with the deceased?

Absolutely not. If there is one thing I’ve learned after 20 years of studying this field both personally and professionally alike it’s THIS: Just because there are some people who have genuine gifts that are very difficult to explain away using conventional scientific means, does NOT mean that everyone who claims they have that ability really IS doing what they say. (in other words – I DO believe with 100% certainty that we live on after physical death… and that we CAN communicate with the living thereafter, but I do NOT believe that every well known medium is genuine, or really does what they promise)

What about the Long Island Medium?

The truth is, I was following her career well before she was a household name… and some of the stuff she was able to do back then would have convinced ANY open minded skeptic, as it was too difficult to explain using the normal critiques.

For example? Well before she was a well known medium – as part of a charity radio drive, I watched Theresa Caputo on the phone, answering questions from bereaved parents in NY, with about 50% of the readings being so amazingly accurate, that you would have had to have more than 20 sets of parents who lost a child be “in on it” simply to make her look good… which is extraordinarily far fetched. (these were people who had lost children who were participating in a grief counseling session where the readings, or mediumistic part of the program didn’t begin until later)

The truth is, whenever a psychic or medium gets famous… and starts earning big money and large amounts of publicity, the skeptics, cynics and debunkers tend to come out in droves to criticize their motives, their abilities and the entire idea that an afterlife is even possible.

But, did you know that Thomas Edison, the most famous and innovative inventor of the last 200 years was actually working on what he called a “spirit phone” to communicate with the dead, in the last years of his life? (he never completed it, but believed that every human being had a soul or spirit or energetic source that would not be destroyed by death, and that if true… this energy SHOULD be able to communicate with the living, once it transitioned to the other side)

Many famous mediums, including the Long Island Medium, have subjected themselves to scientific scrutiny as well… including having their brain waves measured during a reading (The LI Medium did this recently on national TV) as well as having all sorts of other experiments done to measure their accuracy, their preparation, and what how much of what they see really IS “true” from an objective point of view)

The bottom line?

If you’ve ever seen a really good medium face to face, or had a personal experience with someone who has crossed over, you start to have a different opinion about what is possible, when it comes to communicating with the dead. I myself was a lifelong skeptic until I had a personal “encounter” with a friend who appeared to me at the moment of his sudden and unexpected death, 1000 miles away, simply to stand at the edge of my bed, smile and wave goodbye.

Once that happens… regardless of how skeptical you may be, a whole new world of magic, and mystery and meaning opens us. And when that does… regardless of how much you may resist it, the world of psychic mediums becomes much more interesting to explore, and the PROOF that they are real, at least the really good ones… becomes much harder to ignore!

Source by Samantha P. Sanderson

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