Getting Your Reality TV Show Idea in Front of the People Who Make Them

More, more, more for less, less, less is what the networks are saying about reality television because the popularity has staying power that is here to stay forever.

There will always be a new reality show coming out with new ideas coming from every aspect of life and there are even television stations dedicated to reality TV 24 hours a day. I feel the next wave will be even wilder that the what we are seeing now. It's going to get kind of weird folks, which in turn makes for great television. Sorry to all my buddies in Hollywood that act or are so called real writers …

In my opinion reality TV show writers are just that; "writers" but they are also creators as well which is an interesting duality that is really unique to them. Everyone has got an idea but who is able to lay it out so a producer can envision their show idea, who knows the ins and out and which hoops to jump through. Who knows what will be a colossal waste of time and at the same time knows exactly the proper path to take? The path that can lift your idea from just an idea to a simple proper one page treatment across the right desk of the right person, in the right fashion, without smacking of desperation and looking as if it has been put together by someone lacking experience. ..

This just came out last week ……..

If your idea is good, you might want to move ahead with it NOW. This ebook has the CURRENT list of 150 top production companies that do reality shows along with names of the people in development etc. All 150 addresses + are able to be printed out on sticker shipping labels to make it easy for you to send out your letters and / or treatments. THIS EBOOK ALSO HAS ALL THE INFO ON HOW TO DO everything else you need to know about getting your reality show idea into an easy and proper format (There is a certain way to do this). Like how to write a BRIEF ONE PAGE TREATMENT, HOW TO PROTECT YOU IDEA, TIPS ON WRITING, SAMPLE TREATMENTS, etc …………..


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How to Become a Powerful Influence On People

How Influential Are You?

Have you stopped lately to think about what level of influence you have on people? To put it another way; do people listen to you and respect your opinion? This is especially important on your job, whether you are rank-and-file, or in management. People follow leaders, whether they hold a title on their job or not. If you are not able to persuade people, and win them over to your way of thinking, you may be relegated to the lower rungs of society.

Every day we are presented with opportunities to influence others. It may come in the form of a law enforcement officer ready to issue you a ticket, or your boss challenging parts of your presentation, or when you have to return a pair of shoes to the department store without a receipt. How you handle these everyday challenges, in turn, help or hurt your ability to shine in high profile situations, where your persuasive skills are on display for all to see.

Your Most Powerful Tool

Do you want to know the most powerful tool you have at your disposal when it comes to influencing people? I learned and perfected this strategy over a 4 year period, while working as a contracts negotiator for the Department of Defense. I must have learned my lesson well, because I was named one of the top negotiators in my area, and received the coveted sustained superior performance award for high level achievements.

This tool is so powerful, most people (on all levels of organizations) completely miss it, yet it has been proven to be extremely effective in studies after studies. What is it you ask? It is the “psychology of a smile.” That’s right; a smile. Why is it so powerful? Because it has no language barriers-none. I have tested this theory all around the world. No matter where I travel, every single person, in every language understands its message. A smile is the universal language of winners. The reason I call it a tool is because, like any tool it works in the right situation.

It was President Abraham Lincoln who said that a man is ultimately responsible for the condition of his face. How true this is. So the next time you are tempted to use the tool of anger during one of your daily challenges, try employing a simple smile instead, and see if the results are different. I have used it on flights across the country, and witnessed flight attendance be more attentive to me v. others. I have used it when I really should have gotten a ticket for speeding, only to get a warning to slow down. I have used it at restaurants and watched servers be just a little kinder to me and my party, over all others. I have watched frowns turn to smiles, simple because I took the time to smile.

The Smile Strategy

Don’t dismiss this as some flaky strategy used by flakes and geeks. The “smile strategy” has been used effectively by such greats as Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Oprah Winfrey, Melinda Gates, Nelson Mandela, Richard Bronson, Warren Buffet, Barak Obama, Napoleon Hill, Angela Merkel, Michelle Obama, Laurene Powell Jobs, and so many more.

Do you want to become a powerful influence on people? Then start with a smile. Watch stunningly successful people (even in your immediate circles) and you’ll see that they have a tendency to smile more than others. Frank Irving Fletcher wrote that; a smile cost nothing, but creates much. It enriches those who receive, without impoverishing those who give. It happens in a flash, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever.


One of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal when it comes to influencing people is simply to smile.. A smile is the universal language of winners.

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