CPD Workshop: Celebrity Diplomacy

The USC Center on Public Diplomacy at the Annenberg School and the Norman Lear Center are proud to host a workshop on Celebrity Diplomacy, which will …

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Diplomacy Rehearsal Spectacular Theatrical Political Spoken Word Poetry Play

Rehearsal for awards winning author/poet/filmmaker Oscar Sanders’ new play Diplomacy-the sister companion play to Exposing Politics: A Play of Acts Written …

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Public Officials Must Be A FORCE For Good!

The only way, any public official, might serve and represent, his constituents, in a quality, dependable, meaningful manner, is, if they are ready, willing, and able, to proceed, consistently, focused on being a FORCE for good! Unfortunately, only a minority of those, we elect, or are appointed to represent us, do so, instead of their own personal / political agenda, and self – interest. Most of us, remember, when Donald Trump, was running for President, in 2016. two of his most prominent campaign slogans / promises, were, Make America Great Again, and, Drain the Swamp , but we have witnessed, and observed, partisan politics, at its worst, and a level of rhetoric, and vitriol, which has created an unprecedented division, and polarization, instead of any attempt, to bring us, together, for the common good, and / or, a meeting – of – the – minds! When might the American public, wake-up, and demand better, emphasizing quality service and representation, based on the ethical, moral, freedoms, liberties, and justice – for – all, guaranteed by the American Constitution? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, explain, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why, we must emphasize, what's right about this nation, and how all our citizens, would benefit, if this became our focus, and emphasis.

1. Face facts; future; furnish; fruition: Proceeding with rose – colored glasses, rarely achieves the best possibilities! We need to elect people, ready, and willing to face facts, instead of stating their own versions of Fake Facts! Quality representation looks to the future, and provides a path, to furnish, what we need, and deserve! The individuals must possess the potential, to bring the best actions, and strategies, to fruition. Avoid those, who refuse to consider, the longer – term, because that, always, brings on ramifications, which harm our future, etc!

2. Options; opportunities; optimal: Which options one chooses, and whether, he considers the finest opportunities, for all Americans, determines, whether he is serving, optimally, all our people, in accordance, with the guarantees, we gain, from our Constitution!

3. Relevant; reliable; realistic; rationale: Closely examine a politician's stated rationale, and ask probing questions, while demanding thorough answers! These people must be realistic, yet positive, and longer – thinking, and provide relevant, reliable, service, which minimizes potential, undesirable ramifications!

4. Character; creative; coordinate; cooperation; common good; Climate Change: Always pay keen attention, to the true character, of potential leaders, and demand, it focuses on the common good! We need creative, cooperative, elected officials, who focus on bringing us, together, for the greater good, instead of creating a polarizing atmosphere! Avoid Climate Change, deniers, because, they are refusing to react to the inherent needs of our world!

5. Evolving; environment; empathy; energy; excellence: In our evolving society, and world, it's essential to focus on environmental concerns, and needs, with genuine empathy, and lead, with the energy, which bring us, together, towards greater greater excellence, instead of rhetoric and empty promises!

Wake up, America, and vote responsibly, demanding better, and more unified leadership! It's up to you!

Source by Richard Brody

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How Public Officials Should Keep Our FAITH?

Why have free elections, which are a centerpiece of our American system of government, unless / until, we take the responsibility to elect individuals, who put the best interests of all our citizens, and, the nation, as a whole, first? We have often witnessed less – than, stellar, politicians, who, when elected, never made that essential transformation, to becoming statesmen, and, the nation suffered! However, what we have witnessed, since the election of Donald Trump, as President of the United States, is unlike anything, in recent memory! It seems, instead of focusing on the needs of all Americans, this administration has had a distinct personal / political agenda, which, often, appears, at – odds, with what we hope for, anticipate, and expect from the occupants of the White House! If we hope, to avoid negating, most of the exceptional things, the US has accomplished, and stood – for, for nearly, two – and – a – half years, voters must seek representation from individuals, who prioritize, quality service, and keeping / maintaining, our FAITH. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why, it matters.

1. Face facts; fresh look; future; furnish; fruition: Ignore the empty rhetoric, promises, and populist approaches, and elect people, who will face the facts, and proceed accordingly! These individuals must take a fresh look, instead of merely, proceeding, with the same – old, same – old, ways! How can the nation, prepare for the future, unless / until, our public officials, furnish genuine leadership, which brings, the most relevant, sustainable direction, to fruition?

2. Attitude; aptitude; attention; action plan; articulate: The motto / slogan of President Trump's original campaign, which his supporters, continue to endorse, to this day, Make America Great Again , provides a negative message, assuming we are no longer, a great nation! Rather, our leaders need a positive, can – do, forward – looking, attitude, and develop the skill – set / aptitude, combined with willingness to pay keen attention, to the true specified! They must articulate an inspiring, motivating, clear message, for what they suggest, their reasoning / rationale, and how it serves the common good!

3. Ideas; imagination; innovate; ideology; integrity: When one holds public office, someone is always watching, so it's essential to elect individuals with the utmost degree of genuine, absolute integrity! They must convey ideas, which make a relevant, sustainable difference, by using a well – developed, imagination, and being ready, willing and able, to effectively, innovate, while staying, true, to the core ideology, of the people!

4. Time – tested; trends; Timely: There's no reason to reinvent the wheel, so a good official, must use time – tested methods, while fully considering the relevant trends, and doing so, in a well – considered, timely manner!

5. Healing; honest; head / heart: A responsible voter should demand honest leadership, which emphasizes, healing the nation, and its people, for the common good, by bringing about a meeting – of – the – minds! Great leaders use the finest aspects of both, their emotional, as well as logical components, in a head / heart balance!

Wake up, America, and, demand, your public officials, focus on keeping our FAITH! Be a responsible, forward – looking, American citizen!

Source by Richard Brody

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Why A Good Public Official BRINGS People Together?

Whether one agrees, and supports, or disagrees, and strongly opposes, the administration of President Donald Trump, and the apparent direction, he is guiding our nation towards, all should recognize and admit, we are experiencing a period of time, which is the most polarizing, in recent memory! Shouldn't one of the essential goals, requirements, and matters, of all public leaders, be, to bring us together, for the common good, and reaching (or at least, attempting to reach), a true, meeting – of – the – minds? We need to demand better from our public and elected officials, which, emphasizes, and prioritizes, how they might, be the individual, who BRINGS people together, and represents all Americans, instead of, merely, his supporters and followers! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why we need, this type of leadership.

1. Benefits; beliefs; better: When they focus on benefits, for all, rather than partisan politics, and seek, to serve and represent, the best interests of all, they become better leaders! They are entitled to their beliefs, and should articulate these, openly, and honestly, but, must never represent their personal opinions, as facts. One is entitled to his own opinions, but never, his own set of facts!

2. Relevant; reliable; realistic; responsive / responsible: What good are any promises, if they are empty, and / or, fail to be relevant? When President Trump emphasizes his slogan, Make America Great Again , does that indicate, a desire to look at various options and alternatives, or, does using, the word, again , mean, he's emphasizing, his perception of the Good Old Days ? Rather, we need individuals, who are well – informed, have the needed expertise and experiences, and proceed, in a reliable, realistic manner! Unless / until, public officials are both, responsive, and responsible, he probably, shouldn't be serving in the position, he holds!

3. Integrity; ideas; ideals; imagination; insights: When was the last time, it seemed, an official maintained absolute integrity, despite the availability of a simpler path? His ideals, and well – developed, imagination, must bring about ideas, and insights, which enhance his group's and constituent's best interests!

4. Needs: Leading must be based on the needs, and relevant, sustainable realities, goals, and matters, of the group, and citizens!

5. Generate goodwill; greater good: When one's attitude, and message, he articulates, pits people, against others, he is not generating goodwill, and, thus, in the longer – run, is harming our nation's future! Instead, these people must abandon their personal / political agenda, and self – interest, and serve the greater good!

6. Serve / service; solve / solutions; sustainable; stronger; system: We elect people to serve and represent, all our people, and protect all the rights and guarantees, granted in our American Constitution! The goal must be to solve, in a meaningful way, providing viable solutions, instead of empty promises, and rhetoric! Their service must make us stronger, and their legacy, should be the quality of their system, towards making our nation better!

It's all about, how a public official, BRINGS people together! Wake up, America, exercise your right and obligation to vote, and do so, in a more informed manner!

Source by Richard Brody

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Why We Need More CIVIL Public Officials?

In one of his earliest books, Chris Matthews, reviews the relationship between the former Speaker of the House, Tip O'Neal (who he worked for), and President Ronald Reagan, and, how, although they disagreed, dramatically, in terms of their politics, and political orientations, personally, respected each other, and enjoyed each other's company. This civility permitted, far more willingness, and potential, to compromise, for the common good, and emphasize the overall, common good, of their policies. Doesn't it seem, today, we are witnessing, far more polarization, and adversarial attitudes, and a more negative, personal discourse, etc? Wouldn't it make sense, if we considered, and focused on a more CIVIL approach, the nation would be stronger, and more unified? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of what this means and represents, and why we'd be better served.

1. Character; creative; compromise; course: We appear to be paying less attention to the character, of those we elect, and more, to their promises, and, often, empty rhetoric. When the nation elected Donald Trump, as its 45th President, the campaign, was full of far more rhetoric, and vitriol, and less focused on viable solutions, and / or common good! What ever happened to creative ideas, and approaches, which would make improvements, rather than merely changes? Michael Bloomberg has often discussed, his opinion, stating our most effective leadership, rules from the so – called, center or middle, and creates conversations. and brings about compromises, which sets the country on a steady course, of meeting the needs, of individuals, from many parts of the political spectrum.

2. Integrity; ideas; imagination: We need a restoration, and emphasis on electing leaders, with a willingness, to maintain their integrity, even when there might be a path, of lesser resistance! When this is combined, with an outside – the – box, focused imagination, the citizens benefit!

3. Value; values; vision: Wouldn't it be better, if, even those who disagree, politically, could share a vision, based on enhancing America's values, for all? This would require electing individuals, who focused on the best set of affected, in order to bring the necessary value, which would motivate and inspire, and comfort more Americans!

4. Ideology: Rather than telling voters, merely, what they want to hear, we need to elect individuals, who maintain a firm commitment, to the core ideology, and base approaches, on relevance, and commitment to all the Constitutional freedoms and liberties , and the common good!

5. Listen; learn; leadership: Before anyone runs for office, wouldn't it make sense, for them, to take a listening tour, so they could effectively listen, and learn, what the needs, goals, goals and perceptions of their constituents? We need more genuine leadership, and far less rhetoric, promises, and, especially, vitriol!

Wake up, America, and elect more CIVIL public officials. If we do this, then, America will maximize its potential, and true greatness!

Source by Richard Brody

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5 Differences Between Business, And Public Negotiating

If business acumen, guaranteed someone, would become a quality, empathetic, effective, public leader, it might be somewhat simpler, to discover, and elect, the individuals, who would best represent our nation, and the electorate's best interests. However, while business decisions, might focus, substantially on self – interest, and a specific agenda, a public official must tailor his performance and focus, on a broader perspective! There is a significant, substantial difference, between the concept of great negotiations, and negotiating skill, in the private and public sector. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly identify, consider, and discuss, 5 of these differences.

1. Money / financial / fiscal: President Donald Trump has often claimed to be one of the greatest negotiationsiators of all times. He proudly refers to his hit book, from several decades ago, The Art of the Deal . However, whether he was, indeed, the unbelievable negotiator, he claims to be, or not (there is a significant difference of opinion, about this topic), his measure of a great negotiating result, focuses on the financial aspect. While this might be acceptable, and even evenirable, in the private sector, it is probably, not so, in public service and negotiations. The public, often, needs to think beyond money, because part of governing, is often, helping those in need. Measuring a negotiation, from whether there is a positive financial impact, might often, be examining, far less than the bigger – picture!

2. Attitude: Mr. Trump articulates a message, where he refers to negotiating, as having its core, based on winning! However, while this might be, somewhat obvious, in a business – oriented negotiation, it is not, often, so, in a public scenario! Public leaders must exhibit an empathetic, positive attitude, based on the common good, not merely, the interests of his core supporters.

3. Options: A public leader must be ready, willing and able to consider as many viable options and alternatives, as possible, in an outside – the – box, service – oriented manner! This is often, considerably more challenging, in the public, than in the private sector!

4. Who's represented / served ?: When one owns all, or has a significant interest in a specific company, his focus must be, on prioritizing, what's best for it, even if it might not benefit others. However, elected officials, must, realize, it's their responsibility, to serve and represent, all their constituents, not only, those who voted for them!

5. Overall impact: When one represents others, he must avoid the simplicity of populist rhetoric, and seriously consider, the overall impact, and common good, as well as the relevant, and sustainable ramifications!

There are many differences between negotiating on one's personal best – interests, as opposed to serving others! This should be a major consideration, when electing individuals, to office!

Source by Richard Brody

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Do Our Public Officials Believe, We Can't Take The TRUTH?

Although, politicians, and public officials, have been considered, as amongst the least trustworthy individuals, and / or professions, for a significant period of time, it seems, to many speakers, we have never witnessed, so little TRUTH , coming from those , we elect, to serve and represent us! This is probably, due to, the fact, for many election – periods, voters seem to vote for, those, who make promises, which fit, a specific political / personal agenda, self – interest, or prejudice / bias, and, thus , candidates have, in their quest to be elected, resorted to making whatever promises, might propel them, into office. However, recently, this has become, magnified, because, each side accuses the other, of articulating fake facts, even when the only reason, for doing so, is because, the concept, is simply, contrary to their position, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly identify, consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the possible ramifications, and results of this behavior.

1. True; timely: What good does it do, rather than serving some individual's self – interest, to avoid making true statements, and doing so, constantly? While many politicians have done this, President Donald Trump, according to political fact – checkers, averaged approximately, six lies, per day, since elected. In the past, when they were caught, in – a – lie, a politician would make some attempt at correcting the statement, or, at least, not repeating it, but Mr. Trump, generally, doubles – down, on his lies, proclaiming, others are using fake – facts, and he, is the only purveyor of the truth! The amazing part, is, his core supporters, continue believing, and trusting him, despite this, and the result is, a level of negativity, and polarization, as we have not witnessed, in our lifetimes. In addition, his slogan, Make America Great Again, appears to focus, on some rose – colored memory of the past, rather than looking ahead, in a relevant, sustainable manner!

2. Relevant; realistic; rationale / reasoning: If an idea fails to be realistic, it can never be truthful! We need elected officials, to escape their personal comfort zones, and the same – old, same – old reasoning, and propose, relevant, sustainable, viable solutions! Voters must closely examine, with an open – mind, one's rationale, and reasoning, to be certain, it focuses on actual solutions, instead of promises, rhetoric, and / or vitriol!

3. Useful: If ideas are not useful, and usable, because they are not, either, realistic, relevant, sustainable, or viable, how can the individual, serve and represent constituents, as needed and necessary?

4. Trends: Times change, and evolve, and we need to elect leaders, willing to, objectively, discover, learn and understand trends, and make the best choices!

5. Healing; head / heard: If someone focuses on being adversarial, and polarizing, rather than unifying and healing, constituents will suffer, in the long – term! A quality leader must apply, the finest combination of logic, and emotion, in a head / heart balance!

Americans must open – their – eyes, and elect candidates, who tell the TRUTH , even when it isn't that pleasant! If we are to hand future generations, a sustainable world, we must do so, as soon as possible!

Source by Richard Brody

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