Video Baby Monitor Information: What to Look for When Purchasing a Video Baby Monitor

A video baby monitor is such a blessing when you have a newborn, I know because I have a three year old. I was able to see and hear her say her first word, (mamma), because I had a video baby monitor near her crib. Also, it is very easy to become worried when your newborn is alone in his or her room sleeping. With a video monitor you can easily check on your little one without having to disturb them.

How Video Monitors Work

A video baby monitor has a radio transmitter and receiver system, which contains a microphone, and is placed close to your baby. This way the monitor will be able to pick up the sounds your newborn is making. The receiver end has a speaker so you can hear your child, portable video baby monitors are compact so that you can easily take them around the house.

The ability to see your sleeping little one, with a high-quality video camera, gives you one more way of keeping your baby safe. Also, if you have multiple children, setting up monitors in their bedrooms and play areas will give you some space while they play. With a video baby monitor, you will always be able to make certain that your baby remains safe and secure, even when you are in another room or out in the backyard. It gives you more freedom around the house, and also reduces the strain of having to stay near your infant every single second of the day.

What to Look for When Purchasing

A good quality unit should come with a full color LCD screen, although the size of the screen can range from a super large 8 "screen to a tiny 1.5" screen. It really is not necessary to purchase one of the really large screens, but if you get one too tiny you will not be able to see baby clearly. A good screen is around 3.5 "inches, and includes night vision to see your little one in the dark.

Most video baby monitors allow you to pan your camera around your child's bedroom, in order to obtain a better view of what is going on. You should also be able to zoom in and tilt the camera, and many of them allow you to do this remotely as well. Most monitors use a set of rechargeable batteries, decent monitors should stay charged for around 5 hours or more. Also, a few of the inexpensive monitors have problems with their battery packs.

Video Baby Monitors Make a Great Gift

If you are looking for a gift idea for an expectant mom, you can buy them a video baby monitor as it makes a great gift for new parents. There are so many things new moms and dads should have when they are expecting a little one. A monitor that allows them to see and hear their newborn baby is something that new parents would love to have.

Video Baby Monitor Set Consumer Reviews

I know that I am happy I purchased my video baby monitor, with so many other necessities, such as diapers, formula, baby furniture, and clothes; It is easy to forget about things like monitors. A monitor may not be an absolute necessity, but let me tell you from experience, it is essential for your peace of mind and comfort. If you would like to know more about individual brands of baby monitors you can find reviews on the internet.

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