Take on our New Diplomacy Challenge, find out more: https://www.wiltonpark.org.uk/event/wp1531/

We are looking for up to three enthusiastic and creative people with a keen interest in the complex challenges faced by diplomats in the contemporary world.

This competition is open to Foreign and Commonwealth Office Fast Streamers, Commonwealth Scholars and Chevening Scholars.

The successful candidates will take part in a three day Wilton Park expert exchange, run in collaboration with the East-West Institute and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The workshop will bring together a select group of 40 experts, to engage in a high-level discussion on the evolving art of statecraft.

This will encompass a plethora of challenges in contemporary diplomacy, including the drivers behind these changes, how best to engage with other stakeholders and innovative approaches to decentralised diplomacy in an increasingly networked world.

All food and accommodation costs for the duration of the workshop are covered.


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