Allow yourself to imagine a scene of having a soothing massage on your whole body. The gentle, flowing strokes of your therapist's hands calm and relieve the tension of your muscles. You then probably start to drowse a bit, just because of the simple pleasure of the massage itself. Isn't it a wonderful and pleasant feeling?

Now fantasize yourself having a tantric massage. What do you feel now? Do you feel aroused? Do you feel your heart races and there's a little bit of tingling sensation down your groin?

Why do you feel that? Is it because the combination of the word tantric and massage produces images that excite you sexually? It is most probably so. Now let me ask you this:

Are you familiar with London? Yes, that bustling, capital city of England. The home of more than 7,556,900 people. A city of arts, commerce, education, and entertainment. Do you also know that the number of massage parlors in London is growing considerably? Some even provide tantric massage. Of course, the next question I would like to ask you then is:

When you are happen to be in London and in need of a massage, the big question is – should you have that kind of massage?

I believe the answer to that question lies in yet another question – Have you ever explored London's finest travel destinations?

Let me take you on an imaginary tour and help you conclude this whole "take-or-not-to-take" massage thing. Each destination of the tour is an analogy to the piece of information on tantric massage, and you should be able to make up your mind of getting (or not getting one) a massage by the end of this article.

Let us begin our imaginary tour right away!

1) British Museum Tour – What is Tantric Massage ?

The British Museum is our first destination. The museum itself is all about discoveries, finding out the origin of something, and uncovering the unknown. It is about learning something new and embracing the feeling of excitement, from unearthing an alternative.

We're mostly afraid of something that we don't know. Therefore, we should begin by defining, what is exactly a tantric massage?

Tantric massage is (actually) just an ordinary massage. However, the Hindi scholars believe that if you are sexually satisfied and satiated then your well-being will be tremendously improved as well.

Tantra itself is often described as achieving personal growth by means of enjoyable existence. The massage, although does tend to cause orgasms, has the actual aim of connecting spirit with form. It is to embrace compassion and experience love through the beauty of the earth and all existence. It does not involve actual penetrative sex, but it does involve a full touching on the intimate organs.

2) Big Ben Tour – Why Should You Take One?

Once you understand the origin, let us proceed to visiting the Big Ben in London. The Big Ben has stood erected there for the longest of times. It is a symbol of power and longevity, a timeless vigor that constitutes greatness in someone's life. That is actually an analogy of why you should have a tantric massage in London.

Based on some renowned Hindi scholars, these are all the reasons why you should have a tantric massage:

a. It prolongs your length of life

b. It intensifies your sexual vitality

c. It helps you deal with frigidity or sexual unresponsiveness (yes, a couple can take one too!)

d. It helps cure your menstruation problem (needless to say, if you're a woman like me)

e. It excites production of antibodies and therefore, makes you healthier (which in turn -again-will prolong your life)

3) London Eye Tour – How Will You Feel After You Take One ?

Our final destination is the London Eye, a magnificent 443-feet tall Ferris wheel from which you can set your eyes on the entire London area and catch a breathtaking view that will astound you greatly.

Now imagine yourself having one of those breathtaking feeling, feeling of wonderment, amazement, and pure ecstasy that is truly ineffable – no amount of words would be enough to describe it.

It is a one-of-a-kind, a heaven-on-earth experience without doubt. Now take that feeling and multiply it ten-times fold (okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit – two times fold will do) and that's exactly how you will feel after you have your tantric massage in London.

That concludes our imaginary tour for today.

Should you have a tantric massage in London? Well, you now know what tantric massage is, you know what the benefits are, and you pretty much have a basic idea of ​​how you will feel after you have one. Should you go for it?

Source by Stefani Cantrell

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