Regardless of one’s personal, political perspective, position, or emphasis, most people recognize, we are currently witnessing, national conditions, and political climate, we have rarely exhibited or previously observed, at least, in recent times! America, today, appears to be, a divided nation, and, rather than, bipartisan, willingness, for the common good, we are witnessing certain components of our nation, pitted against, another! We need, what I refer to, as, the 5 E‘s needed, for the United States of America, to emphasize, and focus upon. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly review, discuss, examine, and consider, why this is so relevant, necessary, and sustainable, today.

1. Environment: As President Macron, of France, recently said, regarding the need, for paying attention to our environment, in a responsible manner, there is, No Planet B! President Donald Trump appointed as his Cabinet Secretary, for the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), Scott Pruitt, a man, who spent much of his career suing and fighting, against environmental controls and regulations. Since Trump was elected, we have witnessed, him, withdrawing the United States, from the Paris Accord (the only free nation, to do so), continuously denying and hiding details regarding climate change, a relaxation of clean water regulations, such as dumping, etc, abandoning gas mileage standards, for automobiles, etc. If we fail to pay attention, how will explain it, to future generations? Ignoring these aspects, risks the health, etc, of our citizens!

2. Energy: London, England, has announced automobiles, sold, there, after 2030, must not use fossil fuel! Costa Rica has legislated far more focus on energy conservation. Even, China, has announced plans and focus on being more energy – responsible! However, this President and Cabinet Secretary, have positioned us, to become, obstructionists, rather than the leaders, we have always been! Denying the need, for, responsible, responsive, energy policy, focused on sustainability, doesn’t make the necessity, go away!

3. Economic: When Donald Trump, was a candidate, he proclaimed, his focus would be, on making America, great, again, and improving the lot of middle – Americans, and the middle – class! The tax plan, which the Republican party passed, in the latter part of 2016, has made, only, the benefits to the wealthiest and corporations, permanent, while any middle – class benefits, temporary. In addition, independent economic studies, indicate, the vast majority of the benefits, go to the wealthiest. The reality is, this is a re – hash, of Trickle – Down economics, which has been attempted previously (most recently during the administration of Ronald Reagan), and was not beneficial to most Americans!

4. Evolving: We live in, an ever – evolving world, and, thus, Mr. Trump’s slogan, Make America Great Again, by its very verbage, focuses on the past, rather than the needs, into the future! We can’t afford to continue to fail to address this evolution, because, if we do, America will never continue, its leadership position, in the world!

5. Emphasis: America’s emphasis must be, on the freedoms and liberties, which differentiate us, from much of the rest of the world, in a positive manner! We can’t only address those we like, and/ or agree to, because any attack on any liberty, is an attack on all of them, and the American way of life!

This article has attempted to merely, touch – upon, some of the essential components, needed to continue to keep, America great! Remember these 5 E‘s, at least, as a starting point!

Source by Richard Brody

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