Students of history, realize, recognize, and appreciate, from time – to – time, we come – upon periods, when the very nature, and so – called, soul, of our nation, and way – of – life, might be, at a crossroads. With so many apparent threats, both internationally/ external, as well as, from – within, it seems, we are presently experiencing, one of those types of periods! What does the United States of America, stand for, and represent, both, to the rest, of the world, as well as, in terms of domestic issues? Do we represent and stand – for, freedoms and liberties, or do we abandon these core issues and concepts, and replace them with more populist decisions? Are we to remain, the land of the free, and home of the brave, or are we to be dominated by specific, special- interest groups, and sectors? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, and discuss, 6 relevant issues, in terms of where we are going, and, perhaps, should hope to go.

1. Freedom of speech: Shouldn’t a nation, which was founded, less than 250 years ago, based on certain Constitutional freedoms, among which, freedom of speech, was one of the basic elements, resist any attempt to limit these? Throughout our history, Americans have often protested, for their beliefs, and, historically, most Presidents, have appeared to proceed, with the perspective, their duty is to serve and represent, all Americans, not merely, those of their core supporters! We have witnessed, several times, President Donald Trump, complain, when others articulate any message, contrary to his beliefs, and/ or agenda!

2. Free press: In recent memory, we have never witnessed, any President, blame and complain, about the press, to the degree, our present one, does! When Mr. Trump, calls the press, The enemy of the people, it creates, at least, perceived, as a dangerous threat, to this necessary, essential media. Historically, the press has been proactive, and discovered, and unveiled, needs and necessities, improprieties, etc, which the public, needed to know. It appears our President does not like criticism, opposition, etc, and his rhetoric, and tweets, make this, potentially, dangerous, and a threat!

3. Gun safety, versus rights: In a saner world, we should be able to balance, gun owner’s rights, and enjoyment, from a recreational perspective, with the need, for common sense, sane, gun safety measures. Instead of this, we witness, extensive lobbying efforts, and proclamations, of so – called, 2nd Amendment Rights. While this Amendment, gave, The right to bear arms, a thorough reading, clearly indicates, it referred to a state’s rights, to have a militia, at that point, to protect itself, against possible foreign threats. How many more, need to die, before we can create laws, which ensure, as much safety, and sanity, as possible?

4. Immigration: The option is between, inclusive and safe immigration policy, and selective restrictions. Our present administration articulates a negative message, which appears prejudiced, and restrictive! While we need to improve our immigration policies, to ensure safety, against terrorist risks, this nation was founded, as a nation of immigrants. Why can’t we balance this?

5. Unifying versus polarizing: Many observers believe President Trump, articulates, a polarizing, divisive message, and considers his core supporters, his personal/ political agenda and self – interest, at the expensive of serving all Americans, in a meeting – of – the – minds, way, seeking the common good, and unifying our nation. In the longer – term, which approach appears to be most, in line, with our heritage, etc?

6. Right – to – life, versus choice: While some try to make this entirely about their personal, and/ or religious views, regarding abortions, and many decades ago, the Supreme Court, in their Roe v Wade, decision, made this, the law, of the land. Women had abortions before the law, existed, but, then, it was often done, in a far more dangerous, unsanitary manner. This should not be about religion, but rather, whether a woman, has the right to make, this, very personal decision, about her own body.

These are only 6 of the issues, trying to fight, for the soul of our nation. America will either come together, for the common good, or will lose much of its identity!

Source by Richard Brody

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