If you’re looking for the very best tips for the first date, you should look no further! I’ve been reading all kinds of tips and advice and by none by far can answer the most thoughtful of my questions than a particular place I check out. A lot of resources tell me tips here and there, and that’s great for the most part.

But what happens when certain cases pop up and you don’t know what to do? You must be intuitive enough to know, “okay I can’t do what I read last night because this situation is a little different right now”. This talent, thankfully is something we women and men can most certainly LEARN over the course of time that we invest into our relationship and dating education.

The first date is like “magic” to me. Magic, that is technically more a skill, than luck or something supernatural happening to any person in any given moment. Ever seen Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince? He used “liquid luck” when he couldn’t get past a certain hurdle there in his stay at Hogwarts. Well, we don’t have “liquid luck”. We have magic.

The magic I speak of is a:

Map of finding one’s true love. One must see and know where to go if one is to find it.

Attraction about yourself that you will feel once you have the confidence you know what you’re doing.

Genius-we want to go from uneducated, to genius when it comes to dating.

Insights- we must learn about why other people act and behave the way they do, so we can compensate our “strategy” when on that first date.

Control the evening. We want to be sure we are ensured a second date!

Source by Jesse Ayers

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