More than 20 to 30 people between injured & killed during this terrible act…..The person (the beast) responsible for that should be punished ….for those who were killed brutally…May they rest in peace….

Yes I Am the one who shot that video.

This accident occurred in Kaser el einy street cairo,on the 28th of Jan 2011, exactlly 8:30 PM.

Lots of the injuries were VERY serious am not sure the exact number of the people killed.

I cant tell for sure which embassy this car belongs to as to be honest, Lots of embassies are in this area….like the British, The US, The Canadian….etc….the only thing am 100% sure is that its Diplomatic as the plate was green which means its a Diplomatic car.

I have the longer version of the video (not edited) as i was documenting the whole day events and this was one of them through out the day, which includes a car passing through before this one safely without any accidents.

Kindly for those who are making jokes about this horrible accident, Please be more considerant for the people that got injured and killed …Keep the joke to yourself.



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