Does Theresa Caputo really talk to spirits?

Is she the genuine article … or is she simply doing cold reading tricks that gullible people believe, simply because they WANT to believe? What do REAL scientists say about psychics and mediums, and people who purport to communicate with spirits on the other side? Is it all new age nonsense, or is there real science that supports the idea that the afterlife is real, and that we all go there after this life is done?

The truth is, we get a lot of questions about famous psychic mediums like Theresa Caputo, John Edward, George Anderson, Kim Russo and others of similar stature.

Some interesting facts about Theresa Caputo:

Well before she was a household name, she built a reputation in NY doing live (and often, free) readings on the radio, for the well known grief organization called "The Forever Family Foundation", a non profit dedicated to helping grieving families increases loss.

And while she is certainly not always 100% accurate, well before the TV show, she had stumped skeptics, and scientists who would listen in … hoping to catch some sort of trickery, fraud or common cold reading technique.

The funny thing is, while listening to her years back, before she was a well known celebrity, I couldn't help but be impressed and the incredible amount of super specific information that used to come through during her live readings with total strangers .. making it very difficult to explain away as fraud, fakery or good guesses.

(and to be totally honest with you, quite often … FAR more evidential and interesting than the stuff that comes through on TV)

So what about the skeptics and cynics and those that debunk ALL psychic phenomena?

Honestly? They are wrong. (and I know … as I used to be one of them!)

The truth is, EACH psychic, clairvoyant or medium has to live on the basis of their own merits, and their own readings … the fact is, while skeptics like to argue they are all doing cold reading tricks, in just about EVERY case , those very same skeptics can't do the very things that they claim are so EASY for the psychics to do.

In other words … you'll see a famous skeptic claim that the medium is just doing "cold reading" … and that it's super easy to do, and is just a guessing game.

Then –

When they're actually asked to DUPLICATE or replicate the results that the mediums get, in front of the same audience, or for a similar scientific accuracy test … they fail to get anywhere NEAR the results that the mediums received (and these are objectively measured results from both believers and skeptics alike, and agreed upon before these tests are run).

For examples of this?

Check out Dr. Gary Schwartz's work with mediums like John Edward, George Anderson and others at the University of Arizona. (which later became part of the HBO documentary on life after death … and the book, "The Afterlife Experiments")

Or the Windbridge Institute's work on the very same topics, right now in 2013.

Or the University of Virginia's work on psychic mediums and the accuracy of what comes through during psychic sessions.

The truth is, there is an OVERWHELMING amount of evidence that supports the idea that psychic mediums are genuine. NOT all of them. And certainly some are superior to others. But to discount the idea that some psychics or mediums are getting accurate information from a source we don't yet understand … be it from SPIRIT, or somewhere else, is downright deceptive! (because they ARE … and no matter how loud the skeptics and debunkers may be, the facts are the facts)

The only way YOU are going to know for sure?

Get a reading. Or, explore with an open mind. Embrace the magic … and bask in the mystery of it all.

I have no doubt that in reality the future will be vastly more surprising than anything I can imagine. Now my own suspicion is that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose. JB Haldane, Evolutionary Biologist. "When I'm Dead"

Source by Danny Fredricks

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