As I entered into the gates, my head turned pitch black. "Should I take another step?" I asked myself, "Will I be able to defeat all the stones and blocks thrown at me? Will I be able to survive?" I asked myself these questions as I was about to take that great step. My friends called this place a prison where you had to fight to survive; Using all the skills you had ever acquired in your life. As I took that one faithful step; I completely forgot who I was – I had to run; I had to learn to fight – I had to win; I had to survive.

Being a student of Loyola Jesuit College has taught me one thing and that is to have courage, determination and grit. We as students are faced with lots of challenges; the many rules to abide by, the assignments to deal with, the class exercises that are given to us and most of all, the many troubles you may encounter which may lead to severe punishments like suspension.

As a student, you do not just have to learn how to be disciplined, you have to learn how to organize you schedule in order to fit the many activities you have. Also, there are many associations or organizations to join. As a student, there is also a need to make time out for participation in the activities of your association to be able to express your different talents in so many ways; The Sport Teams, The Liturgical Associations, The Service Program and many more.

One thing we students do not realize is that LJC gives us a holistic education. An education that allows us to express our talents in so many ways; singing dancing, playing sports etc. It also teaches us to have foresight for academic excellence; to be able to be devoted in our studies. This is as a result of the good teachers present to us who are gifted with patience and zeal to sit down and explain things to us for clear understanding.

Most of all, LJC teaches us about survival, to become our best, to go for the "MAGIS", to achieve our goals and to always be happy at all times. We are also given the opportunity to be build a strong relationship with God through the Mass we attend every day and the various religious associations present to us.

The stream of thought above is normally the stream of thought for almost every student in the school. We should learn that we are not coming to LJC to survive but to receive a holistic education that is beneficial not just to us but to our community which we are going to serve and Nigeria as a whole. We should see our school as that which allows us to become our best and achieve our goals if possible.

May God continue to bless us, our school and Nigeria.

Source by Afoma Theresa Onodingene

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