Psychologist Nicole Nasr explores the real experience of being the Wife of a Diplomat across diplomatic assignments. In her talk, she raises awareness on the different roles wives of diplomats occupy when assisting their husbands and their centrality in regards to the profession. In an attempt to help the audience think about these women, she asks a series of questions focusing on the impact of being a 21st century women in diplomatic assignments and the effects of these multiple relocations. Nicole Nasr is a 26 year-old student who is
conducting her Doctorate in Counselling Psychology
at City, University of London. She is currently working
with clients both at UCLH and Altum Health Clinic,
and finishing her degree as a third year trainee. Nicole
decided to focus her doctoral thesis on Wives of
Diplomats and decided to explore how their
experience shapes how they feel about themselves
and their relationships across diplomatic
assignments. Nicole is very interested in feminist
issues that tend to put women in a background
position. She has been inspired throughout her life by strong women who have had an impact on her life, both as an individual and a professional. Also, coming from Lebanese parents and having lived in Montreal, Beirut and London, Nicole is very interested in understanding how short-term and long-term immigration impacts people’s lives. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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