Sweet Medicine SunDance Path: What Programs does DTMMS Offer?
The Sweet Medicine Sundance Path offers an approach to modern life that helps people live with greater integrity, maturity and individuality. Their worldwide programs address the crucial need of humans to move knowledge beyond mental facts and into lived experiences. This experiential approach to learning provides a creative space for each person to gain spiritual transformation. DTMMS is the parent organization of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. Their vision is to inspire beauty, excellence, and knowledge so that all people gain direct access to peace, happiness and a higher sense of purpose.

Longhouse Program: Why is it Important?
Students and teachers meet in community settings called Longhouses where specific teachings are provided. Once the concepts and ideas have been discussed, students leave the classroom and spend time in nature to absorb what they learned on a level level.

Being in nature allows people to experience the elements and "worlds" of Grandmother Earth. The earth is home to 5 elements (water, earth, air, fire and the void) and 5 worlds (plants, minerals, animals, humans and the spirit realm). Nature becomes a teacher that helps each individual test knowledge for themselves. In this way, knowledge becomes wisdom.

Red Lodge
Red Lodge is a Longhouse program for people dedicated to reaching their highest potential. It celebrates community by bringing together people who desire to learn about their connection with all forms of life. Red Lodge students gain tools and experiences that help them create greater life balance, health, and spiritual connection. The teachings are designed to enhance each person's individual spiritual understanding and there before people of all spiritual traditions and religions can find incredible benefit and growth. Red Lodge Longhouses are currently offered in Arizona, Italy, Canada and Australia.

What is Ceremony?
Ceremony is one of the fundamental features of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path and is included in all programs and events. Through ceremony, people create a deep connection with Spirit, one of the names for the mysterious, all-encompassing, divine energy of the universe. Ceremonies are done in both individual and group settings, and each ceremony has a purpose and intent for creating a desired change in reality.

Life Transitions: Who needs Rites of Passage Ceremonies?
Rites of Passage ceremonies support and facilitate a person's maturation and growth through their life. They occur at specific life transitions and honorably mark the movement into the next phase of the person's development. These ceremonies are said to be essential for human growth. Without them, humans can mature at a much slower speed and experience unnecessary challenges in relation to their world.

A Rites of Passage ceremony marks the transition from one phase of life to another; life, marriage and death to name a few. This can include Baptisms, Naming Ceremonies, Debutante balls and the Quinceanera as well as the Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah in the Jewish traditions. The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path offers Rites of Passage ceremonies at several key places through a person's life. There are ceremonies for the parents before a child is born, after the child is born, naming ceremonies and various phases of the child's life into their adulthood. There are adult Rites of Passage ceremonies as well.

The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path supports the availability of spiritual knowledge for all humans. Spiritual knowledge is a roadmap for how to live with integrity and place attention on what actually works. Many people who attend programs and ceremonies in this tradition learn how to access personal challenges and access their individual excellence.

Source by Heidi Thompson

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