The Liberal and National Parties (LNP) form the coalition government in Australia and they are the worst ever when it comes to dealing with the most vulnerable. The tragedy of what is happening to older people as a result of them squeezing every dollar out of the system is a crime against humanity. Sitting in on the hearings at the Royal Commission was anything but pleasant as story after story of tragedy and death was highlighted by family members.

The LNP is only interested in money. It’s politicians care little about those who are weak and often infirm. But it is also the fault of the family members who place them into the homes of no regard and no care.

Some nursing homes where they end up allow $6 per day for food and have a minimum number of staff. People under their watch are allocated only a certain period of time for things like basic care. That includes showers, often only one a week, incontinence clean-up, and other things. Some patients lie in their urine and faecal material for hours.

The rapid decline in morale and loss of meaning in their lives means they deteriorate rapidly and premature death is often the result. Tears mixed with these horror stories as family members relate them, tell of another side of this tragedy.

There are many things wrong with the way we care for older Australians and putting them into situations that are away from their normality is horrible. Who leaves their home and all they love and their environment and doesn’t get homesick. The overwhelming despair and neglect they suffer is unimaginable. The system has failed them.

While we hear many of the complaints and horror stories of suffering the only solutions are to reverse the trend and provide better for in-home care, to better protect their assets from stealing, and to nurture their needs in a better way.

It is understood that not all in this situation can remain at home but they should then be able to be housed in a proper hospital with decent care, food, and nursing. If they are weak and suffering that is the only reasonable place for them. So is there another way?

My other suggestion about care for the elderly is to allow them to contribute to society in a positive manner. That means not putting limits on their working ability, encouraging them into gyms and other facilities to maintain a healthier lifestyle, and helping them to socialise and entertain friends occasionally. It will all add to their self-esteem and worthiness. Loneliness is another problem that can, therefore, be overcome by such activities.

Source by Norma Holt

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