The culture of Geneva is extremely diverse and very well may be the most international city in Europe. Napoleon once famously ridiculed Geneva by exclaiming in disgust that "they speak English there!" Today, the multiculturalism of Geneva sets it apart from most major European centers and your travel agent can demonstrate how easy it is to enjoy the charms of this marvelous Swiss city.

Geneva is a water sports lover's paradise. Superbly positioned on the shores of its own lake and with 45 miles of shoreline to savor, it is a city rich in superlative water sports activities, most of which can be enjoyed year round. The number of activities available in Geneva are virtually endless, regardless of whether you're on the Rive Gauche or the Rive Droite. Geneva boasts a number of world-class museums such as the Museum of Art and History, the International Museum of the Red Cross and the Natural History Museum. Your Geneva musical experiences can range from the best in modern music with massive crowds being drawn by international superstars all the way to timeless classical favorites by some of the world's greatest orchestras. Your travel agent can assist you in booking tickets to see and hear your favorites.

There are areas of the urban center where very little has changed as the centuries have rolled by, while just a few blocks away, ultra modern buildings of steel and glass rule the skyline. It is definitely an old cliche, but in Geneva, everything ticks like clockwork, and the famed Swiss efficiency is evident in every aspect of the city from its superlative transport network to the perfect cleanliness of its streets.

For a trip back in time that will allow you to relive the gentility of an age long gone, take a stroll down the Grande-Rue and lose yourself in the illusion that you are in the 18th century. Should the shopping pangs hit, superb retail areas such as du Marche, de la Croix d'or and the exclusive Rue du Rhone should be your primary destinations to satisfy the most rabid shopaholic.

If you are in a more languid mood, you will find a more relaxed and laid back shopping experience by ambling along the streets of the Old Town where you will find shops, galleries and the most perfect, tiny bistros anywhere. In your meanderings, don't forget to get a little souvenir splash from the Jet d'eau Fountain and if your travels take you a little out of the city proper, then you simply must stop and relish the amazing Rhône vintages at one of several local wineries. Your travel agents can show you all the marvelous treasures to be discovered in this alluring Swiss City.

Source by Jeff R James

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