Located just off the coast of Abu Dhabi lies a small island that had its roots with the local fisherman of Abu Dhabi. This small relatively unknown Island will become in 2010 one of the most sought after prime real estate locations the World has ever Seen.

Nurai Island will be born, the word Nur means light in Arabic and certainly this will be the light to the Arab world. Located Northeast of Abu Dhabi City, near north tip of Saadiyat Island, the island will contain a boutique hotel and 67 private homes, 31 located on the land and 36 Glass three storey water villas which will offer amazing panoramic sea views and are reached by jetty going out to sea. How will the wealthy individual arrive at Nurai Island you may ask, that has been considered at the Island it will have its own Marina and arrivals lounge and of course its very own Helicopter Landing Pads, Ideal for commuting to the city.

With the Abu Dhabi formula 1 Grand Prix commencing in November 2009, purpose built on its own island (Yas Island) and Nurai Island certainly can be the home to the well healed, only 11 miles from the track .You never know you may have the odd racing driver as your neighbor.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE the United Arab Emirates whilst does not receive the spotlight attention is itself going through a period of growth, with a very wealthy royal family and economy Abu Dhabi certainly will be the focus in a few years to come .

Source by Paul Bennett

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