Q: Is the Long Island Medium real? Isn’t she just doing cold reading? What do skeptics say about psychic mediums, and is there any way to tell if they’re right? And what is the EASIEST way to get first hand PROOF that psychic mediums like Theresa Caputo really ARE speaking to spirit, without getting scammed or being taken advantage of?

Any of these questions sound familiar? If they do… continue reading as we take a closer look below!

First, understand THIS to be true, because it IS:

The ONLY way to get proof that a psychic or medium is real, or that the whole IDEA of psychic mediumship and spiritual communication is real, is to actually have the experience yourself. If I thought I could convince you… I would try. But, the one thing I’ve learned in 20 years of psychic and spiritual exploration is THIS:

Until you have the actual experience, and the SENSE that something just happened that can’t be explained away using ordinary logic, you won’t ever really believe. You may THINK you believe. But knowing… and believing, are two very different feelings!

Next, THIS is critical as well.

When I went to report on a John Edwards show a few years ago, my professional peers, who mostly are super skeptical, gave me all sorts of things to look for, and all sorts of “easy” explanations that would explain what he was REALLY doing.

Fake people in the crowd. Hidden tape recorders that eavesdropped on peoples conversations. Cold reading. Guessing. Fishing for answers. General information that could apply to everyone and anyone. Etc.

The truth is, NOTHING even close to that came true. The experience was incredibly illuminating, a lot of fun, and it was impossible to walk out of there NOT believing.

As a matter of fact, I concluded my report on the experience by saying – “either half the audience was planted to trick the other half… or, something completely unexplainable just happened for 3 hours and I watched it unfold, before my widening eyes.”

Okay… so you’re more interested in seeing the Long Island Medium in person, right?

It’s no surprise that you aren’t alone! The Long Island Medium is probably the most popular psychic and spiritual search on the web today… and most folks are looking to either see her in person, or in a small group setting. (which is much more affordable… and DOES give you the opportunity of getting first hand information, if in fact your own loved ones do come through)

  1. Expect to spend about 90 bucks. (a deep discount over her privately published rates, and she has a 2 year waiting list)
  2. Come with an open mind, too!

Of course, some of you reading this right now are rolling your eyes and are DEAD set skeptical. (no pun intended!) The truth is, belief in psychics, mediums and an afterlife in general is a controversial area, and I’ve personally been on both sides of the fence myself.

(as a one time super-skeptic, it wasn’t until I had a personal experience with a medium who offered amazing insight and information, did I even begin to contemplate the idea that we have a soul or spirit that continues on after death)

The good news? you do NOT need to believe anything at all to go see a good medium in person.

Bring an open mind… or even a skeptical mind, and just allow the experience to unfold.

If you don’t find yourself impressed… or think it’s a total sham, good for you! But… if like many others, you find your world view has CHANGED forever due to the incredible experience of watching a medium work WITHOUT props, or cheating or common cold reading techniques, I challenge you to walk out with the same opinion you had coming in.

The bottom line?

I’m now 100% convinced there is an afterlife. I’ve had over 100 deeply meaningful readings in the last 3 years, many of which have completely changed my life.

But NOBODY else could convince me. And if you’re reading this far, the same is probably true for YOU, too. (which is why seeking out your OWN psychic, or spiritual experiences is the only 1 path to try knowing there is)

Source by Anna Houck

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