Love him or hate him, Donald Trump an many fronts has been extremely successful. While some say it’s just because he got a good head start from his father, the truth is, Trump would not be where he’s at, and would not have succeeded as he’s done without many contributing factors. One such factor is his optimistic, positive charged, enthusiastic big thinking. If you want to model success, modeling the way Trump thinks is not a bad place to start. In his book “Think Like A Champion” written with Meredith McIver and starting with a Foreword by Robert Kiyosaki, Trump shares with readers what he calls an informal education in business and life. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the fifty essays in this book, and if you liked any of Trump’s previous books, I’m sure you will really like this one.

The essays are mostly two to four pages long, with many being right around two and a half pages. So they are very easy to read. You could read the entire book through quickly, or just pick an essay or two a day. First, I found the essays very positive and uplifting. I think it would be difficult to read this book and not feel a bit motivated to pursue great accomplishments upon reading The Donald’s advice and examples. However, I think the book goes beyond a motivational “vanity” piece. The essays really do have substance, and some very practical and sound advice on a variety of topics.

I also like that each essay has a quote at the heading. Trump mentions that he likes quotes, and so do I. The essay titled “Have the Right Mindset for the Job” has a quote by Henry Ford at the heading, “Don’t find fault. Find a remedy.” I’m using that quote in a conflict resolution program I’m teaching next week.

In one of the essays, Trump mentions how he likes to get right to the point. He does not have time for people that beat around the bush and don’t succinctly tell him what they need. I felt he did the same with these essays. They are well written and make his point in just the right amount of space. Some of the fifty topics he covers include: Innovation, Strive for Wholeness, Wisdom, Think Like a Champion, Confronting Your Fears, Financial Literacy, Keep the Big Picture in Mind, Develop a Tempo When You’re Working, Think Like a Genius, Set the Standard, and Building Your Reputation.

Again, I really enjoyed this book and felt Trump was writing thoughtfully and authentically. If you really think about what is contained in these essays and how you can apply the themes, strategies, and suggestions to your own life, I truly believe you will find they help you along your journey toward success. On top of that, they will motivate you to actually succeed in business and in life.

Source by Alain Burrese

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