Is the American system of governing, and political system, wounded, destroyed, weakened, or, merely, undergoing a period, of extreme distress? Those, who have followed politics, and the national news, for decades, realize and recognize, there is widespread apathy, within our electorate, which probably, largely explains, our relatively, low, voter turnout! In addition, many, who vote, do so, based on the empty promises, and rhetoric of political candidates, as well as their perceptions, personal biases, and prejudice, and, rather than hopes and aspirations, focus on self – interest! Unfortunately, we often, witness, far too much emphasis on partisan politics, over, quality policy, and the needs of the American people. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly review, examine, and consider, using the mnemonic approach, many of these concerns, and considerations.

1. Political/ personal agenda: Who should, versus, who do, elected officials, actually serve, and represent? There is, far too much focus and emphasis, on partisan politics, personal/ political agenda, and their self – interest, rather than the common good, and best interests of the public. Service should not be, merely, about representing one’s core supporters, but all of the citizens of this great country. Unfortunately, today, in the era of President Donald Trump, we have been witnessing, the governing, based on empty promises, rhetoric, partisan politics, and self – interest, which, to – date, has primarily benefited the wealthiest Americans, rather than the common good!

2. Self – interest: There should be no place, for governing, based on self – interest, rather than the best interests of all! This focus on politics, over policy, and people, is not, in the best interests of the nation, or its citizens!

3. Follow – the – money: Many believe, our system, is flawed, because of the dependence on political donations, which flaw, and destroy, the nation’s best interests! The repeated reports of ethical conflicts, especially compared to Trump’s campaign promises, and rhetoric, which emphasizing, Draining the Swamp, seems to mean, we are witnessing the least degree of ethical commitment, in recent memory!

4. Rhetoric: It’s our own fault, because voters continue to vote, based on rhetoric and promises, rather than qualifications, experience, expertise, and the ability to recognize and consider ramifications, and introduce viable, well – considered, relevant, realistic, sustainable solutions!

5. Core followers/ supporters: Why do we, rarely witness, politicians, become transformed, to statesmen, when they are elected? President Trump appears to focus, nearly entirely on political considerations, and providing perceived benefits, to his core followers and supporters, rather than the common good!

There is far too much focus on politics, over policy and people! Hopefully, Americans will wake – up, and elect, relevant, sustainable leaders.

Source by Richard Brody

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