Leading any nation, especially one, as diverse, ethnically, racially, and politically, as the United States, is challenging, under any circumstances, and especially so, in the present political climate! While there are many things, which are different about the way, Donald J. Trump, perceives and conceives of the position, and represents this nation, perhaps the most troubling, to some of us, is how he often articulates confusing signals, on an almost- daily, basis. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly discuss, and examine, 5 examples, of some of these situations, and how / why, they have the potential of significantly impacting the nation, and our citizens, as well as, way of life.

1. Health reform: When he was a candidate, Mr. Trump often made statements, claiming he would fix what's wrong, and make the system, better, and less expensive! During some of the legislative battles, he stated, it was more complicated than he thought it would be (Isn't that inspiring?). When the House of Representatives passed legislation, he appeared, in celebratory poses, etc, with the leaders of that body. By the next day, however, he was proclaiming, he wanted the Senate, to make it better, and kinder, than the legislation, he applauded, the day before. He often proclaimed, how, he would sign this great change, even though, the legislation, he so loudly applauded, neither was better health care, or less expensive! Trump's use of Twitter, often condemns and blames others, generally resorting to complaining, rather than solutions!

2. Tax legislation: President Trump often proclaimed, his law, would have to help the middle – class, primarily! Although, nearly every economist, stated it would create large deficits, and primarily help the wealthiest 1%, and corporations, Trump bragged about how great, it would be, for America. Doesn't making America, great, again, assume, it isn't great, now?

3. The Wall: One of the core components, of Trump's political campaign, when he was a candidate, was emphasizing the need for a wall, on our Southern border, and stating, Mexico, would pay for it! He now is requesting billions of dollars, for the first installment, of paying for that wall. He continues to emphasize it, although most professionals, state, it is, largely, more symbolic than anything else, and provides little true security! Yet, the facts, often seem, not to matter, to Mr. Trump!

4. DACA / The Dreamers: His predecessor, President Obama, signed an Executive Order, protecting, those referred to as the Dreamers, and this action, known as DACA , was intended to protect approximately 800,000 individuals, who have been in this country for years, and were brought here, before they were 10 years old. First, President Trump, refused to continue this action, by stating it should be legislation, and passing – the – buck, to Congress. Then, he began to blame his political opponents, because they were unwilling to accept, using this as a bargaining chip, to enhance Trump's commitment to the wall!

5. Blaming / complaining: President Trump often blames others, and complains about what they do, rather than focusing on viable solutions! It often seems, he lashes out on anyone, who disagrees with him, and it's always their fault! Individuals he heaps, much praise upon, one day, he, often, turns – on, the next. It's this tendency to throw others under the bus, which sends misleading signals!

Both within this country, as well as internationally, most people seek consistency, from the leader of the free world! In his first year, President Trump. has rarely done so!

Source by Richard Brody

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