Anyone who's a seeker or a thinker will have struggled with the process of trying to forgive what is "truth". You can spend your life exploring one or many religions; looking into science or philosophy trying to find the "truth" to life, trying to understand what life is all about. You can quickly (or slowly, depending on your temperament) get to the point where you just do not know what to believe anymore and give up on the whole thing.

What is it that creates "truth" or creates what we see as the real world or "reality"? Think about how say a building is created. First it starts to take shape in someone's imagination. Then it takes a slightly more solid form on paper in plans and drawings and finally, someone (often many people) build the building into our physical reality. All creation follows this pattern. First comes the thought then the manifestation into our physical world. This means that even our imagination and fantasies have a reality or truth to them. The "form" or reality they take is purely one of degree. How committed am I to turning those imaginings into something more solid? We are simply looking at creation in two different sentences much like a butterfly goes through phases of form or a flower.

Everything created in thought has "truth" to it no matter how bizarre it may seem. Only attributions determine bizarreness. Every thought you entertain is true because it has a consciousness of its own. It is real and can create something further if you desire or will it to.

One of the reasons we do not fully understand this idea or use it properly for our own benefit is because we limit our concept of God. Lets look at that for a moment. What is God then? Here, we strike trouble because the mind does not like anything limitless. We find ourselves automatically creating limits when we try to describe God (this has caused all kinds of problems for us but that's a whole other discussion). Lets try anyway and see how we do:

God is the "life force" in everything. The wind, the trees, the mountains, us. God is all thought, all movement, all persistence and color. God is the whole of life the ingoingness and foreverness of everything that is … even reading those words causes the brain to freeze at the immensity of such thoughts does not it. God has no ability to judge because to do so requires "separating" things into good and evil. Only we do that. God is not perfect because even perfection is a limitation to continually changing ever-changing life. God simply IS. An undivided totality of "Isness" It is that Isness that allows us to create everything in our world, the good the bad, the light the dark, and all the shades in between. Every possible experience.

Another interesting thing about God if you accept that He / She / It is limitless is you must accept that God is also completely lawless. If God had laws he would be limited. And since he is unlimited, he allows all options within that unlimitedness. Each of us has the ability to create (from our thought) whatever truth adds to our own individuality. And whatever truth you create, God becomes so that you can experience and understand that truth. So now, at last, we come to the core of this discussion about truth ..

"Truth" is only what an individual perceives truth to be. An opinion or attitude or belief about something that has become absolute for that person through the process of creative thought. Two people may hold a different truth about something. Let's take an example here, say dogs! One person may hate them another will love them. Whose truth is correct? Both are! They are both literally right for each is expressing the truth which his experience and understanding allow him to perceive. Heres the kicker though … if one person's truth is that his is the only one that is correct, he is limited in his understanding. Only able to see one small part of God and therefore himself.

When hunting for truth what you'll come across when you read or learn from another is that persons "perceived Truth"; how he sees it, how he has learned it, how he has created it and experienced it. If you go to many teachers and hear many different "truths" and you will find yourself trying to work out which one of them speaks the real truth. Realize that all of them do. The only question for you is deciding to what degree you wish to become a particular truth because whatever truth you accept, will become an experienced reality in your own life.

What you inevitably learn from all these teachers is that you alone are your greatest teacher for only you know what is the best of all things for you. How can anyone else know when he is busy living his own life and assessing truth from his own point of view. Only you can be the giver of your own truth for truth is self arranged and self established through the personal experience you create and choose with your own thoughts.

It's no good trying to find the "facts" of the matter either (which is where a lot of us who are left brain oriented start) because facts change as mankind evolves and changes. A quick look at our history books or the development of our scientific knowledge will show you this. Facts are only the current material manifestation of a collective consciousness that has been embroidered by the whole of mankind. This happens when we all see something the same way (eg: the world is round not flat). These facts rightfully and correctly change as our global point of view changes.

The greater understanding is that there is no truth or untruth, only the Isness of ungoing evolving life. So in any moment, you can change your mind and what was true for you a second ago is no longer so.
When you understand that truth is and can be all things (like the wave or the particle in quantum physics depending on the mind of the observer) then you have not limited yourself. Then you can potentially participate in all experiences and have knowledge of them. Then you are free for you are no longer enslaved by concepts or understandings that impersonation your life and make it smaller and less beautiful. This then allows the embrace of everyone's truth and allows all truths to co exist in harmony. You no longer have to fight to get others to accept your particular truth.

So if you are searching for something to believe in, Believe in yourself because your are the giver of your truth, the creator of your own heaven / reality and the dispenser of all laws within your kingdom. Jesus told us this when he said "the kingdom of heaven is within you". Funny how we keep missing the obvious.

Live only the truth you know to be real from inside of you. When you do this you will have lived and experienced your life authentically from your own point of view. By all means learn from others, read, and listen to everything that comes your way, that's part of the fun is not it, but absolutely, you must be your teacher, your own savior and your own God. This is what you are here to do. This way of life will bring you joy. Living this way will stop you getting caught up in trying to determine what is true and what is not. What is real and what is an illusion.

Kristen Claire Jones

Source by Kristen Claire Jones

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