Some people say, it’s nothing to be concerned with, merely because there’s so many lies, and/ or, misstatements made, in today’s political climate and environment! After all, we hear, politicians have always lied, and, in – fact, nearly every poll taken, clearly indicates, that profession is among, if not, the least trusted, in America. However, do you feel, as I do, the amount, style, and degree of this behavior, appears to be, far more, and full of considerable vitriol, etc? Rather than unifying us, and seeking to serve the common good, we are witnessing an era, full of polarizing, self – serving, and uncompromising behavior. Is what we are witnessing, truth (but we don’t want to accept it), half – truth, lies, or absolute, pants – on – fire?

1. Truth: Why should we expect the truth, when we haven’t demanded it previously, and most voters, seem to proceed, with apathy, rather than focus, etc? Few of our public officials have even attempted, to earn our trust, and, in my memory, the only President, who seemed to care about maintaining his integrity, was Jimmy Carter, and he was not, at all, popular in the office!

2. Half – truths: Telling half – truths, is probably, our past, political norm! Do you remember the famous motion picture line, You can’t handle the truth? Whether politicians feel that way, or merely compromise, because they seek popularity, and reelection, despite what Rudy Giuliani, seems to claim, there is only one truth! Unfortunately, despite generations of being misled, it seems, most voters, continue to vote, for politicians, who promise them, popular things, even when they have little, or no, viable solutions!

3. Lies: Most politicians lie! There, I wrote it! However, today, we are witnessing more of this lying, than I ever recall, because, President Donald Trump, is certainly, unlike those who preceded him, in the office! In the past, once a politician, and/ or, public official, was caught in a lie, he would avoid repeating it, but, Mr. Trump, generally, repeats it, and often, doubles – down, despite being informed constantly, or it being false!

4. Pants – on – fire: What differentiates something being, a pants – on – fire, type of lie, from an ordinary one? Perhaps, it is, when it is repeated, and the official does all he can, to avoid any personal responsibility, and replaces that, with continuous, blaming and complaining. This President calls other liars, and anything he disagrees with (or disagrees with him), Fake Facts, although fact – checkers, state, since his election, Trump has made over 6 misstatements, per day.

Little kids used to sing, Liar, liar, pants – on – fire, and perhaps, that is the theme of today’s political climate! Until/ unless, the American voter, stops being apathetic and naive, and demands better, we will probably continue to witness it, for many years!

Source by Richard Brody

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