Welcome to the channel and Medieval Kingdom Wars. This game mixes real time grand strategy and bloody siege combat to provide an opportunity to rewrite European medieval history.

The game was made available for early access on Steam in June 2017 with a proposed release in 2018. White many features ae still to be fully implemented, the game has made a good start with amn impressive world map that will form the basis of a solo grand campaign.

Update 38 – Diplomacy Part 2

New Features
-Added player Lord to his Kingdom Feudal Hierarchy
-Diplomacy is now an active tool that both AI and player can use
-Added Send Gift function to diplomacy, used to improve standing between your King and another nation
-Added Hostile Intrigue function to diplomacy, can bring down relations between your King and another nation
-Nations declare war once Relations go under -10, and ask for peace when relations go over +10

Fixes and Improvements
-Chancellor menu number of portraits per row is expanded to 9
-Added At War icon shown over nation portraits. On the right for the Kingdoms, and on the Left to the Player Lord personally
-AI players will change relations with each other, and may declare war or ask for peace
-AI players relations will change monthly
-AI players to human player relations may change monthly
-Attack your own nation will reduce your standing with the King, but no rebel status added yet
-Attacking other nations that you are not at war with will greatly reduce relations, especially attacking their towns

Balance Changes
-Units can run for 40% longer before using up all Stamina
-Templar Knights are no longer completely resistant to arrows
-All siege weapons are a lot more effective vs walls
-Ballista and Trebuchet more effective vs Infantry
-Slightly lowered the cost of Trebuchets

Decemeber & January Roadmap and Upcoming updates:

I am happy to answer any comments and questions about the game play, so feel free to ask.


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