Hi everyone, here is the Mission 4 boss (Steel Diplomacy) for the S-Rank Run.

After launching the game I realized a lot of people who helped voice the game don’t necessarily have access to steam or are gamers. For those people I’ve created this series so they can still see how the game and their performance turned out.

Please forgive the quality of the video. My computer isn’t powerful enough to run the game at full graphics while recording the screen.

To everyone who contributed, no matter how small, thank you very much for being willing to put a piece of yourself on the line in public eye for a game you had never played before. I take that sort of faith and trust very seriously, and you will always have my thanks.

Your names can all be found in the main menu of the game under “Credits”.

Again, thank you so much for everything, I hope you enjoy the run and your own performances!



Steam link:


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