Making a video is fun, but making a profitable video is even better. Best of all, to make a profitable video, all you need to do is create a video 'how-to' and provide links to your website inside that video. As for subject matter? That's truly the very best part because it doesn't matter what your 'how-to' video covers.

Just be sure that as you create your new how to video that your website url is:

  • At best, displayed the whole time your video is running, or
  • At worse, displayed when the video first starts and right before it ends.

    Let's face it, people love how-to's … and they search for them every day on a very large scale. As an example, a friend of ours had this experience to share:

    "Just a few days ago I was folding clothes, and on a whim I went to Google videos and typed in" how to fold a shirt. "Sure enough there were a few videos there. I watched them (and learned a very cool way to fold shirts), and it impressed the kids too. "

    She then told us, "So here's the thing. I'm not a professional shirt folder, I was not checking out the competition, I just did a search for something on a whim, and then I watched a few videos."

    There's the key phrase – "ON A WHIM"

    Internet marketers often find themselves with tunnel vision. They focus so intently on what they have to offer that they miss the big wide world, and what that world is doing while he or she is thinking exclusively about just their own website.

    Tunnel vision … if you have it (and we all get it, don't worry), you need to learn how to "Think Outside the Box!"

    Let's continue looking at the shirt folding scenario:

    What if one of the shirt folding videos that was watched had had a url displaying your website? Well, for openers, you could have had a visitor (traffic) to your website. And, ideally, you may have had a buyer and long-term client. People are curious animals. If your video was creative enough, it most definitely can, and most likely will, generate a visit to your website.

    The reality is that millions and millions of people are watching tons of videos every day on every topic you could ever possibly imagine.

    That's worth repeating, "… on every topic you could ever possibly imagine."

    So if you're thinking, "Shouldn't I create a video related to what I am selling?" the answer is …. sure, if you have that ability, go for it. But the truth is it does not matter if you do it on topic to the product you are selling or not …. the big thing is to make as many videos as you can about as many things as you can and post them to all of the top video feed sites.

    The second most important thing to remember is that as you post them, keyword them to terms related to your video. Check sites like and make sure the keywords you are allowed to enter in connection with your video are ones people are searching for! Keyword-driven, video-related quality traffic and buyers … make that your goal!

    Also keep in mind that you aren't creating feature length films here. Your videos can be anywhere from 1 minute to 10-15 minutes or any length in between.

    Quiet on the set … Cameras rolling … Action!


  • Source by Theresa Cahill

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