Beauty of the stunning Mdina is irreproachable. It is the old capital of Malta. It is credited for having a dreadful Dungeons Museum, an attractive St. Paul's Cathedral, an awe-inspiring St. Agatha's Chapel, a fascinating Museum of Natural History and Mdina glasses. Mdina is an extraordinarily attractive tourist destination of Malta.

Dreadful Dungeons Museum is an underground museum. Magisterial Vilhena palace hosts to the harrowing Dungeons Museum, which was used as a prison in the medieval time. Drawings on the walls of this Museum depict many gruesome murders like beheading, hanging and other barbaric punishments.

Inquisitive visitors need courage to see skeletons in different postures, which have been preserved in the Dungeons Museum with a great care. Tourists obtain a thrilling experience visiting this murky Dungeons Museum. Visitors must not skip this interesting tourist place during their visit.

Fascinating St. Paul's Cathedral, which was built by the distinguished architect Lorenzo Gafa and was dedicated to St. Paul's. Paul retains a unique Baroque architecture. It gives shelter to various collection of artifacts, attractive buildings and many graceful paintings of the Caribbian artist Mattia Preti. The masterpiece that depicts conversion of St. John is on display in this beautiful museum.

Attractive St. Agatha's Chapel is one of the finest creations of the illustrious architect Lorenzo Gafa. The Chapel, which was reinvented in 1696, has been dedicated to St. Catherine's Church. Agatha. It was opening on the fifth February every year for celebration. But, now it opens everyday. Visitors can see the magnificent St. Agatha's chapel in Mdina that bewitches tourists.

The Museum of Natural history mesmerizes tourists. The obsolete building which was engineered by the prominent architect Charles Francois de Mondion hosts to this fascinating museum. It demonstrates many attractive collections of various raw materials, rocks, minerals, cliff habitats, valuable information on geology and paleontology. It is a place worth seeing.

Vivacious Mdina is copious in glass production. Glasses of Mdina are famous in all over the world for its delicacy. They are largely used to decorate houses. Tourists get an opportunity to buy graceful glassware in the streets of the Mdina town. Visitors must not forget to collect these uniquely built glasses as a keepsake of travel.

Mdina is well-known for its numinous beauty and a serene atmosphere. A trip to graceful Mdina town always enraptures tourists. Visitors can explore shining and serene Mdina and can collect scintillating travel experience with hired cars from Malta.

Source by Keith Marshal

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