Russian leader Vladimir Putin was born in 1952 in St. Petersburg (then referred to as Leningrad). After graduating from Leningrad State Faculty, Putin started the career of his in the KGB as an intelligence officer in 1975. Putin rose to the best ranks of the Russian federal government after enrolling in President Boris Yeltsin’s administration in 1998, being prime minister in 1999 before taking over as president. Putin was once again appointed Russian prime minister in 2008, as well as retained the hold of his on power by generating reelection to the presidency in 2012.

Watching the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, he retired from the KGB with the rank of colonel, and returned to Leningrad as a supporter of Anatoly Sobchak (1937-2000), a liberal politician. On the latter’s election as mayor of Leningrad (1991), Putin became the head of his of external associations and very first deputy mayor (1994).

After Sobchak’s defeat in 1996, Putin resigned the post of his and then moved to Moscow. In 1998 he was appointed deputy head of control in Boris Yeltsin’s presidential administration.

Shortly later, he was appointed head of the Federal Security, an arm of the former KGB, and head of Yeltsin’s Security Council. In August 1999 Yeltsin dismissed his prime minister Sergey Stapashin combined with the cabinet of his, as well as advertised Putin in the place of his.

In December 1999 Yeltsin resigned as president, appointing Putin acting president until recognized elections had been held (in original 2000). He was re elected in 2004. In April 2005 he made a historic trip to Israel for talks with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, the very first visit there by any Kremlin leader.

Because of term limits, Putin was pressured to abandon the presidency in 2008, however, not before securing the office for his protege Dmitry Medvedev. Putin served as Medvedev’s key minster until 2012, when he was reelected as Russia ‘s president.

U.S. Election Hacks

Months before the 2016 U.S. presidential election, properly over a dozen U.S. intelligence agencies unilaterally agreed that Russian intelligence was behind the email hacks of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and John Podesta, that had, at the moment, been chairman of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In December 2016 unnamed senior CIA officials further concluded “with a high amount of confidence” which Putin was really involved in intervening in the U.S. presidential election, based on a report by USA Today. The officials further went on to state that the hacked Podesta and DNC messages that were awarded to WikiLeaks right before U.S. Election Day had been developed to weaken Clinton’s campaign in favor of her Republican opponent Donald Trump. Immediately after, the FBI along with National Intelligence Agency publicly supported the CIA’s assessments.

Putin denied any such efforts to disrupt the U.S. election, and regardless of the assessments of his intelligence agencies, President Trump normally seemed to favor the term of his Russian counterpart. Underscoring their attempts to thaw public relations, the Kremlin in late 2017 discovered that a terror attack had been thwarted in St. Petersburg, because of intelligence offered by the CIA.

Private Life

In 1980, Putin met the future wife of his, Lyudmila, who was operating as a flight attendant at the moment. The couple married in 1983 and had 2 daughters: Maria, born in 1985, and Yekaterina, born in 1986. In original June 2013, after almost thirty years of marriage, Russia ‘s very first couple announced they had been getting a divorce, supplying very little reason for the choice, but assuring they came to it amicably and mutually.

An Orthodox Christian, Putin is actually believed to attend church services on dates that are important and holidays on a frequent basis and has had a lengthy history of stimulating the building and restoration of a huge number of churches in the region. He typically seeks to unify all faiths under the government ‘s expert and legally demands religious organizations to register with local officials for approval.

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