With all the news coverage, about this President’s comments about immigrants, and immigration, and his proclamations, about the dangers, this imposes, one might tend to believe, immigration into America, was out, of the ordinary, while, in fact, nearly everyone living, residing, and/ or a citizen of the United States, comes from a heritage of immigration, many of which fled their previous nation, to escape some sort of threat, prosecution, etc! My House of Worship states this clearly, proudly exhibiting a banner, on the outside of the building, We Were Refugees, Too. The Statue of Liberty advices us to give us, the tired, worn, needy, and oppressed, and for generations, our nation proudly proclaimed, it was the Melting Pot. Perhaps the most shameful chapter, in our history of the 20th Century, was when FDR refused Jewish refugees, and turned their boat, away from Miami, Florida, forcing them to return to Europe, where many were eventually persecuted, and/ or worse! Human rights should not be a political issue, or one, filled with vitriol, in order to excite, and incite, certain Americans, in a campaign of blaming and complaining, and using the needy refugees, as a threat, instead of the victims, which most are!

1. We are all immigrants, and/ or refugees: Unless one’s heritage is Native American, we are all, from heritages, where our ancestors, fled to this country, to escape political, religious, sexual, etc, persecution. Although this is an issue, which President Trump, appears, to believe, is a winning, one, to his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, his heritage is also, as an immigrant. His father’s family is believed to be, from Austria/ Hungary/ Germany, and his mother, fled to America, from Scotland, as a home – worker, and remained, undocumented, becoming a citizen, after she married, Donald’s father. Two of his three wives, arrived in this nation, and became citizens, afterward. Is he truly, against, immigration, or, merely against those, fleeing, from certain areas? Italians, Jews, Polish, Asian, etc, often fled, their nations, either as a refugee, and/ or, to make a better life, for themselves and their families!

2. Asylum is not illegal immigration: If we peruse Social Media, we will observe numerous individuals, proclaiming, those seeking asylum, are illegal immigrants. However, one applies for asylum, and there is a legal process, to efficiently proceed, and determine, whether it be granted! When we threaten these individuals, we oppose the rights, liberties, etc, our nation, has always been proud of!

Abandoning the liberties, America has always stood for, is the opposite of Making America Great! Stand up, wake up, and demand, we remain true, to our heritage and history, and do, what’s right, whether it is popular, or not!

Source by Richard Brody

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