If you have never fully understood the meaning of panic you will when all world news headlines are reporting the end of the world, albeit with different strings of words. It would be so interesting to watch how people react – especially those of you who just hate the idea of death as if it is not an integral and inevitable aspect of life. All I can say is, (with a sinister voice) brace yourselves, it is coming.

So it has been established that there would be widespread panic, now that panic would give birth to prayer and total devotion to superior powers. You see all those guys who claim to be atheists; you would wonder where they stand because they’d be the first to call on a higher God. If these same set of people can openly renounce their atheistic status aboard a trembling aircraft, then I have no doubt that they would recognize that there is a God.

What if the destruction of the world would begin in Europe and end in Africa. I bet you, Africa would become the destination of every living thing (including plants and animals and Donald Trump… oops!). Nobody would care about the insecurity in places like Nigeria, or the scorching sun that people use to cook meals (take it from me, people do); or even the skyrocketing cost of living. Africa and indeed Nigeria would be a safe haven. I’m even thinking – what if the end of the world does not affect Nigeria? Let’s continue in the next paragraph.

Can you imagine the whole world migrating to Nigeria, what an exodus it would be! The world would be like the Israelites and for once in Nigeria’s pathetic history we would be the Promised Land… I am literally laughing loud in my mind. Because Nigerians are a very considerate and welcoming people, entrance into their lands would come at a very steep price – only for those who are not deft in the art of espionage like the U.S and the other demonic powers that be. Oops again!

Anyway, the world is coming to an end (not) today so don’t fret, just get really scared because the worst is not about to happen. Lols.

What if the end of the world is today? What’s your interesting take on this? Or are you too shaken up to express yourself?

Till next time, think weird, laugh and be happy!

Source by Jude Uchella

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